Long Live General Alcazar is the sixth episode The Simpsons eighth season, first aired by the Fox Network on December 1, 1996. General Alcazar is going to have revenge on General Tapioca, R.W. Trickler and Roberto Rastapopolous after San Theodoros had a War on Oil Supplies, causing Homer, Tintin, Captain Haddock, Thompson and Thomson, Dr. Sarcophagus, Professor Calculus, Zloty and their Friends to stop them, even though Ramon, Alonso, Corporal Diaz and Rodrigo and Pepito Tortilla would stop at nothing to assassinate the Simpsons. It was directed by Steven Dean Moore and is the first Episode for which Steve Tompkins has the solo Writing Credit. The Guest Stars of the Episode includes Christopher Lloyd (as General Alcazar), Matthew Broderick (as Tintin), Robin Williams (as Captain Haddock), Jim Carrey (as Cuthbert Calculus), Eric Idle and Terry Jones (as Thompson and Thomson), Marty Feldman (as Sophocles Sarcophagus), Harvey Korman (as Zloty), Dana Carvey (as General Tapioca), Paul Reubens (as R.W. Trickler), John Candy (as Roberto Rastapopolous), Cheech Marin (as Alonso Perez), Tommy Chong (as Ramon Bada), Steve Allen (as Corporal Diaz), Dick Shawn (as Pablo), Bobcat Goldthwait (as General Mogador), Gilbert Gottfried (as Rodrigo Tortilla), Mike Myers (as Pepito Tortillia), Olek Krupa (as Basil Bazarov), Ben Stiller (as Rodrigeuz), John Ratzenbeger (as Colonel Juanitos) and Glenn Shadix (as Colonel Jimenez).

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