Loonatics Unleashed: Reflections is a fanfiction that will posted to DeviantART by TheRainbowSprinkles.


Chapter 1- Intruders

The story begins with the Loonatics sleeping. It is 1:00 am. Tech is still awake however fixing the intruder system of the headquarters. Rev comes in and offers to help, but Tech tells Rev to go back to sleep. Once Tech finishes fixing it at 2:30am, he restarts the system, only for it to go off. Everyone wakes up and gets into uniform. Ace looks around in the bedrooms and looks in his room, he looks in the closet of his room and immediantly discovers Buzz Bunny in his closet who jumps out and tackles him. Lexi looks around in the bathroom and gets suspicious of what's behind the shower curtain, she looks and discovers Lexa Bunny in the shower who jumps out and tackles her. Slam looks in the kitchen and checks the cubords only for Spaz Tasmanian to jump out and tackle him from behind. Duck checks the living room and discovers Danger Dack who jumps out and tackles him. Tech looks in the lab and immediantly is attacked by Slick Coyote. Rev gets the same fate by Roadster Runner when he checks outside. The 6 other Loonatics immediantly explain who they are and that they are here to dispose to the Loonatics to take their places as them. The chapter ends....

Chapter 2- Dimensions

The real Loonatics are confused by this, but decide to fight. This chapter consists of the battle.

Chapter 3- The Dimensions Chapter 4- The Dimension of Air Chapter 5- The Dimension of Earth Chapter 6- The Dimension of Water Chapter 7- The Dimension of Fire Chapter 8- The Dimension of Ice Chapter 9- We're Losing Him Chapter 10- The Final Fight Chapter 11- Aftermath


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