Bugs Bunny as Tinky Winky

Daffy Duck as Dipsy

Lola Bunny as Laa Laa

Tweety as Po

Marvin the Martian as Noo Noo

Dorothy (from The Wizard the Oz) as The Sun

Sylvester as Tigers

Elmer Fudd as Penguins

Porky Pig as Snakes

Foghorn Leghorn as Elephants

Melissa Duck as Flamingos

Petrina Pig as Butterflies

Speedy Gonzales as Tortoises

Taz as Giraffes

Roadrunner as Frogs

Witch Hazel as Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair

Yosemite Sam as Scary Lion

Wile E. Coyote as The Puppet

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