Looney Tunes (FantasticFunGames Style) is FantasticFunGames' movie-spoof of "Looney Tunes".


  • Jago (Killer Instinct 2/Gold) as Bugs Bunny
  • TJ Combo (Killer Instinct 2/Gold) as Daffy Duck
  • Human Kuzco (The Emperor's New Groove) as Sylvester
  • Wakko Warner (Animaniacs) as Porky Pig
  • Minerva Mink (Animaniacs) as Petunia Pig
  • Audrey Charlotte (The Joyful Masterpiece) as Tina Duck
  • Frosty the Snowman as Foghorn Leghorn
  • Genie (Aladdin) as Barnyard Dawg
  • Granny (Little Bear) as Granny
  • B. Orchid (Killer Instinct 2/Gold) as Lola Bunny
  • Pudge (Cats Don't Dance) as Tweety Bird
  • Tusk (Killer Instinct 2/Gold) as Pepe le Pew
  • Maya (Killer Instinct 2/Gold) as Penelope Pussycat
  • Fulgore (Killer Instinct 2/Gold) as Yosemite Sam
  • Vega (Street Fighter) as Elmer Fudd
  • Spinal (Killer Instinct 2/Gold) as Marvin the Martian
  • Madame Medusa (The Rescuers) as Witch Hazel
  • Glacius (Killer Instinct 2/Gold) as Wile E. Coyote
  • Kaa (The Jungle Book) as Road Runner
  • Chip (Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers) as Speedy Gonzales
  • Dale (Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers) as Slowpoke Gonzales
  • Templeton (Charlotte's Web) as Hubie
  • Bartok (Anastasia) as Bertie
  • Baraka (Mortal Kombat) as Rocky
  • Reptile (Mortal Kombat) as Mugsy
  • Hero (Thumbelina) as Cecil the Turtle
  • Rufus (Street Fighter) as Taz
  • Baloo (The Jungle Book) as The Gremlin
  • Squawks the Parrot (Donkey Kong Country) as Henery Hawk

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