1. Miss Skunk Le Pew Is Pepe Le Pew And Daisy's Mother And Wife Of Mr.Skunk Le Pew.She Is Married Mr.Skunk Le Pew.Her Age Is 22 Year Old,Her Birthday Is March 24,Her Species Is a Skunk,Her Sex Is Female,Her Job Is The News Report On T.V,Talks In a French Accent,She Is a Fat Gray And White Skunk With a White Under Belly,Wears A White Apron,a Ponytail In Her Hair {Covers Her Ears},Brown Flats And Blue Dress And She Was Born In The Forests.
  2. Mr.Skunk Le Pew Is Pepe Le Pew And Daisy's Father And Husband Of Miss Skunk Le Pew.He Is Married Miss Skunk Le Pew.His Age Is 37 Year Old,His Birthday Is November 14,His Species Is a Skunk,His Sex Is Male,His Job Is Computer Report,Talks In a French Accent,He Is a Thin Brown And White Skunk With White Under Belly,Wears Sky Blue Shirt And Dark Blue Pants.He Was Born In The Forests.
  3. Daisy Le Pew Is 11 Year Old Pepe Le Pew's Sister.Her Age Is 11 Year Old,Her Birthday Is 18 April,Her Species Is a Skunk,Her Sex Is Female.She Is Pink And White Skunk.
  4. Daisy PussyKitten Is A Cream Kitten With Long Blond Hair tied In a Ponytail With a Pink Ribbon,Cream Fur With Long Tail,White Stripe Down To Her Back.She Is 11 Year Old,She Lived Her Mom Who Died And Comes To Acres Acme.She Is Best Friend With Fifi,Babs And Shirley.
  5. Bella Cat Is Furrball's Girlfriend And Fifi's Rival
  6. Gabriella La Fume Is Fifi's Cousin.

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