Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers is a YouTube series by davemadson.

Season 1

  1. The Sheild Gets An Attitude
  2. Every Which Way but the Right Way
  3. Party Crashers!
  4. Whatever You Do, Don't Mess With BP!
  5. More Party Crashers!
  6. Logo Chaos!!
  7. Merrie Tunes and Looney Melodies
  8. Spelling Counts
  9. Letter Imperfect
  10. Son of Logo Chaos!!
  11. Son of the Son of Logo Chaos!!
  12. Keep Your Hands Off My Vitaphone
  13. While Sam's Away, The Logos Will Play
  14. Everything But the Shield
  15. Blooper Freedom!
  16. Sheild Madness!
  17. Another Logo Invasion
  18. Oh, Those Crazy Logos!
  19. Sheild Riders
  20. Logo Studio
  21. Close Encounters of the Logo Kind
  22. Take Me to TV Land!
  23. The Sheild's Playing With Us
  24. Logo Mayhem!
  25. Out of Control!
  26. Caption Fever
  27. The Shield Unmasked
  28. Famous Last Blunders
  29. Return of the Bloopers
  30. The Wicked Bloopers of the West
  31. How to Screw Up a Looney Tunes Intro Without Really Trying
  32. The Return of Letter Imperfect
  33. Commerical Cannibalization
  34. Radar Overseer Scotty Level
  35. Watch Where That Sheild Lands!
  36. More Sheild Madness!
  37. Still More Sheild Madness!
  38. That's News to Me
  39. Brother's in Name Only
  40. Yet Another Logo Invasion
  41. The LTIB Christmas Party
  42. Son of Commerical Cannibalization
  43. Captain Chaos
  44. Letter Imperfect Strikes Again!

Season 2

  1. More Logo Mayham!
  2. Still More Logo Mayham!
  3. Temper, Temper!
  4. Son of Caption Chaos!
  5. Heads Up!
  6. Golden Gaffes (or, Sam the Control Freak)
  7. Microsoft Sam Goes Wild!
  8. The Return of Logo Mayham!
  9. Color Me Looney!
  10. The Further Adventures of Logo Chaos
  11. Of Course This Means Warner
  12. The Exploding Sheild and the Intruders
  13. Shield Me From the Sheild

Season 3

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