1. Bugs Bunny:Age:5
  2. Daffy Duck:Age:8
  3. Porky Pig:Age:9
  4. Tweety:Age:10
  5. Sylvester:Age:4
  6. Lola Bunny:Age:5
  7. Taz:Age:8
  8. Petunia:Age:11
  9. Melissa:Age:13
  10. Pepe Le Pew:Age:10 or 11
  11. Foghorn:Age 12
  12. Penelope Pussycat:Age:10 or 11

And More

Pepe's Classmates

  1. Scott Skunk
  2. Marie Skunk Is One Of Pepe's Classmates.She Is A Pretty Skunk With Long Blonde Hair & Green Eyes.
  3. Ana Skunk
  4. Olivia Skunk
  5. Fifi Skunk
  6. Samantha Skunk
  7. Amy Skunk
  8. Jake Skunk
  9. Millie Skunk
  10. Sally Skunk
  11. Ella Skunk
  12. And More

And More

Season 1

  1. The Began
  2. The Most Popluar Stars/Pepe's First Day-Penelope Pussycat Is Exitced To Meet Her Favorite Movie Star,Taylor Swift.It's Pepe's First Day,
  3. Bad Hair Day/Bad Tail Day-Pepe Le Pew Had Bad Hair Day,Pepe Le Pew Had Bad Tail Day.
  4. School Play/Love Story

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