It Was Time For The Looney Tunes Kids To The Beach,I,The Looney Tunes Kids And Floyd Get In The Car.Bugs Bunny Wears Light Blue Swimming Trunks,Daffy Duck Wears Red Baseball Swimming Trunks,Porky Pig Wears Giraffe Swimming Trunks,Tweety Wears Birds Swimming Trunks,Sylvester Wears Yellow With Red Lines Swimming Trunks,Lola Bunny Was Wearing Pink And White Polka-Dots Binkini,Taz Wears Dark Blue Swimming Trunks,Petunia Wears Light Pink With Red Hearts Binkini,Meilssa Wears Light Blue Binkini,Pepe Le Pew Wears Red With Yellow Lines Swimming Trunks And Penelope Pussycat Wears Pink Binkini.

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