Looney Tunes Kids:Pepe Le Pew's Valentine Day

It Was February 12th,In Sunday,It Was Almost Valentine Day,At Inside Of Granny's House,8-Year-Old Daffy Duck And 10-Year-Old Pepe Le Pew Were Playing In The Playroom.8-Year Old Daffy Was Playing With His Car,Pepe Le Pew Was Playing With His Guitar,Granny Was Working Valentine Days Card,I Write A Letter To My Valentine,Spencer,As 5 year old Lola Bunny Gets Out Valentine Day Decorations,And 10 year old Tweety And 4 year old Sylvester Write Their Letters To Agooga Bird And Sylvia Cat.Dear Spencer,I Have A Valentine Day For You,Daffy's Valentine Is Meilssa,Tweety's Valentine Is Agooga Bird,Sylvester's Valentine Is Sylvia And Pepe Le Pew's Valentine Is,,,, Well We Love Pepe Le Pew.The Magic Of The Season Of Love Has Touched Us All! Lola Bunny Angry Said Samantha,Haven't You Done That Love Letter Yet? Lola Bunny Sends Our Love,Happy Valentine,,, Lola Bunny:Samantha! Day! I Stop Writing A Love Letter To Spencer.Lola Bunny:Samantha Where's The Chocolates? Samantha:Oh For Havens Shakes,Lola Its In The Kitchen.Lola Bunny:Sorry,I'm Just A Little Kid,I Love Valentine So Much.She Walks In The Kitchen And Finds That Chocolates Had Eating All Up Oh Dear! All Rights Kids,Let Me Have Some Valentine Letters,I'll Send Them To Cupid I Told The Kids I Looking At Slyvester,Tweety And Daffy's List.Meilssa?Agooga Bird And Sylvia Oh,Slyvester,Tweety And Daffy You Asked For That Past Three Years,And I Keep Telling You That Meilssa,Agooga And Sylvia Can't Be With You Anymore,Can You Take A Hint? But I Really Want Them And I Have Been Really Really Good This Year! Oh Dear,Maybe Pepe Is A Little More Realistic! {Reading} Penelope?! Lola Bunny:A What? Pepe:Yeah She Pretty,And Zhis Last For The Rest Of Your Life! Samantha:You Will Not Get Penelope For Your Valentine!

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