Lord-Admiral Neroai

The Lord-Admiral Neroai is a character in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Future Universe.

Lord-Admiral Neroai
Age: 74
Status: Active
Current Affiliation(s): Fleet Ba-Haria
Previous Affiliation(s): None
Notable Aliases:
Notable Relatives:


The boy that would be Lord-Admiral was amongst the first few generations of children to be born without knowing Terra or Luna as a home soil. Being the son of a high-ranking Navy officer, his career amongst the Colony’s Fleet was almost assured. He attended the local Academy aboard his home Colony Ship and quickly rose to the top of his class, and upon graduating became a Flight Leader in his local Escort Flyers wing. He married into the influential L’More family which began his rise to political power. After the assassination of Admiral Gafjan, he was the logical successor to the position and soon found himself in command of an entire Colony Ship. In the years that followed he quickly was elected to the position of High Admiral of the Ba-Haria Fleet, and position that he holds today.

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