Hater with Radio

Hater with A Radio.

Lord Hater is the primary antagonist of Wander Over Yonder. For Season 1, he served as the main villain, while in general, aspires to become the greatest in the galaxy. He is voiced by Keith Ferguson.


Lord Hater was introduced in Season 1 to be the main enemy of Wander and Sylvia, although Wander constantly attempts to bring out the good inside Hater, even though Hater obviously despises the character for getting in the way of his diabolical plans to take over the galaxy. Hater has an army of Watchdogs to assist him on his goal for intergalactic conquest. His second-in-command is Commander Peepers. From time to time in the series, Lord Hater would get into some competitive hijinks to 1-up his rival, another intergalactic villain named Emperor Awesome.

However, in Season 2, Hater and Peepers both have an even deadlier rival to deal with in the form of Lord Dominator, who shot her way up to the number one spot on the galactic leaderboard. Hater even fell in love with Dominator, but she eventually rejected his romantic feelings for her, which in turn, inspired both Hater and Peepers to work together to put an end to her schemes, even if it meant teaming up with Wander and Sylvia.


Lord Hater is received positively by many for his comedic nature and shenanigans to become the galaxy's number one villain.

Hater is even considered attractive by some fans, despite his bad track record with romance in the show. Hater would sometimes be shipped (Paired up) with Wander, as well as Lord Dominator, by fans from time to time.


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