Birth Name: Tulon Kressh
Sith Name: Lord Vilan
Race: Human
Birthplace: Agamar
Gender: Male
Age: 44 (3995 BBY-present)
Affiliation: Sith Empire
Side of the Force: Dark
Occupation: Sith Lord
Force Affinity: 6

Physical Description

Tall in height, about 6'3. Wears a midnight black robe that covers his whole body. His hands are covered by black gloves. His face is only slightly paler than the human norm, and his short black hair looks healthy as well. Neither does he have the sickly yellow eyes common among the Sith, but instead has retained his normal black-colored eyes, though to stare at these eyes is like to stare into a bottomless abyss. In fact, the only major difference on his face was not a result of the Dark Side's corruption at all. A single scar runs down the right side of his face from his temple to his chin. An analysis of this scar shows that it was a cauterization from a lightsaber cut. A terentatek mask appears to cover his face as well at times, when it is necessary. Very strongly built in the arm, leg, and chest regions.

Psycholgical Description

Vilan is a sophisticated individual. He speaks very formally and is very deliberate in his actions, unlike most Sith who are hasty. He does not get flustered and is rarely pushed into anger, but when he sinks into his passions and better hide if you're not a friend. He is also a bit cautious, odd for a Sith of the time's standards, but mixes it with practicality and realism. He also respects rather than hates most of his enemies as he views them as worthy adversaries in their own ways. The few that he does hate, he does because they have no redeeming values to their nature and they also have committed something against him.

Favored Force Powers, Weapon, and Fighting Style

As a powerful Lord of the Sith, Vilan is able to master almost any Dark Side power and use it to dominate his opponents. Vilan uses an old, ancient Sith Vibrosword. The sword is a bit longer than an activated lightsaber. It is completely black, handle and blade. It pulses with a dark power that while seen in all Sith artifacts, is much more focused than what is almost always seen. Vilan also carries a blue lightsaber from his earlier days as a Sith. He keeps it mainly as a memento of his past, but also to use in situations where it would come in handy. Since Vilan primarily uses his Sith sword in combat, he has adapted the fighting styles of the Jedi and Sith to accomomdate his weapon, making his variants unique in their use. His primary form for most contests is his personal sword-based variant of Juyo(Form VII), which allows him both great speed and power in his attacks, though he is a bit vulnerable to Force assaults. However, when he is faced with single combat against a worthy foe, Vilan switches to his personal variant of Makashi, which gives him a superior edge in melee combat in one-on-one situations with it's sword-based parries, thrusts, and other finesse moves.


Vilan is a man who likes to hide both his strengths and weaknesses, in order to keep the enemy guessing as to how to fight him. In some ways, what some would call weaknesses, others would call strengths, so this further muddles the issue. But the weaknesses that are evident about him are that he is a bit too trusting in his allies, he is a bit overconfident, when his anger is roused, he will stop at nothing to eliminate the cause of it, sometimes ignoring the situation, and he has a slightly weakened left leg, a result of an injury during an attack on Miral a year prior to the Star Forge battle.


Early Life

Vilan was born on Agamar 29 years before the Mandalorian Wars. He was raised by a merchant family who controlled much trade in that sector of the Outer Rim. Early on, his parents noticed his Force abilities, but they did not deliver him to the Jedi. For his parents' families had aided the Sith in the Sith War and were secret enemies of the Republic and the Jedi Order. Instead of Coruscant, they sent him to Korriban, where he was recieved by the Sith Masters. His birth name he did not remember, as from his inception to the Sith, his masters called him exclusively Vilan. From age 2 he was trained exclusively as a Sith by those ranking survivors of Exar Kun's fall. As Vilan grew in age, he grew in Force power and control. He trained in the use of a Sith Sword as a weapon though he also was an excellent study in the art of the double-bladed lightsaber and created one for use in times where it would be practical to have one.. His training was arduous and difficult, but at age 19 he became a Sith Knight, the youngest to do so in many years. His master, Darth Gnarus of the Sith Order, congratulated him on his efforts. But this man disappeared shortly after Vilan's ascension to the rank of Sith Knight, with no clue to his whereabouts. Once at the rank of Knight there Vilan never looked back and grew in power and prestige each passing year.

He also learned through life experiences as well, bearing both physical and emotion scars from the infamous Korriban Insurrection when he was 26, when he was betrayed by a lover who joined the rebellion and was forced to slay her in a fight. This was a greatly important turn of events in his lifetime and it was where he had an epiphany of sorts. What he learned from that conflict has helped shape his views on life, the Sith, and on his skills. He became a Sith Master at age 30, the year before the Mandalorian Wars broke out. Vilan was appointed to be one of the team of Sith Masters who negotiated the war's beginning with Mandalore and his senior advisors. The success of this mission and his efforts and abilites made him a rising star in the Sith ranks, and many began to see the potential and greatness in him.

The Mandalorian and Second Sith Wars

During the Mandalorian Wars, Vilan increased his popularity with the Sith by leading forces in raids and assaults on Republic outposts that annihilated them completely. This occured shortly after the Mandalorians invaded and was done very subtley and stealthily to avoid immediate detection. The Jedi Council hesitated to send Jedi to fight the Mandalorians when they had a hidden menace on other borders as well. By the timecaught on that it was the Sith's doing, Revan and Malak had left for the main war and had taken a large number of Jeid with them. But this needed to be resolved to, so the Jedi Council sent a Jedi Master named Wertio Calues and a detachment of Jedi to aid the Republic forces in stopping the attacks. This large amount of troops and space that was involved drew out the conflict. It took approximately two years for this series of battles to be finally resolved. At the end of this brutal campaign he and Master Calues fought a fierce duel which ended with Vilan ending the Jedi's existence, but he was still forced to withdraw from the campaign due to the much larger numbers of Jedi and Republic forces. This conflict, though ultimately a losing one, brought Vilan the makings of a dedicated faction and a cemented powerbase. He was given a spot on the Sith Council, the youngest to be appointed to the position. Though it was the lowest ranking seat on the Council, it made Vilan known throughout the Sith.

Revan's fall changed everything. He was elevated to the leadership role that Vilan coveted for himself. He despised Jedi and thought those who fell from the Jedi as even weaker than the Jedi themselves. But Revan held the reins of power and the support of many, so Vilan waited. Over the following years Vilan was a key fleet leader and led the way in many offensives. He planned and led the infamous Gala offensive that slashed through unsuspecting Republic forces. His forces had reached Tholatin and were preparing for the "hook to end the war" as he put it, but stalemates and defeats elsewhere deprived him of reinforcements and sufficient supply, and the attack never materialized. For most of the rest of the war, he acted as a sort of problem-solver, taking his fleet to areas where ships were needed the most and swinging the battle into the Sith's favor. He conquered Miral in the prelude to the devastating Battle of Tanaab, which he and his fleet were not present at. He never lost a beat when Malak betrayed Revan and continued on as normal, though he slowly developed fragements of a planned coup that never came anywhere near fruition. Subsequently, Revan's return and his defeat of Malak at the battle of the Star Forge, which Vilan was also not present at with his fleet as he was held in reserve at the time, threw the Sith into confusion, and Vilan had been waiting for a time where the ways of the older Sith would once again be implemented with a true Sith, not a Dark Jedi rabblerouser taking the throne.

Rise to Dark Lord

Vilan settled into the position of Sith Lord to Lord Thaxilius and as the main military commander of the Sith Empire, also locating the long-lost Gnarus and making him his chief advisor. He planned several successful operations such as the subjugation of Ansion, that brought any Republic offensives to a halt. When Darth Shadow betrayed Thaxilius and threatened civil war, Vilan set down on the side of the Dark Lord, and after Shadow killed Thaxilius on Thule, assumed co-leadership of the Empire along with Lord Grukh at the time. Vilan planned the Sith assault on Shadow's stronghold at Ziost, using the simultaneous Republic attack there to his advantage in defeating the usurper's forces. Afterwards, Vilan negotiated a cessation of hostilities with the Republic, bringing an end to the long war, for now at least.

After the defeat of Shadow and the bringing of peace, Vilan went to Korriban for the next Council of Lords. There, he was elected Dark Lord of the Sith, and has held that position ever since. During his tenure as Dark Lord, the Sith have rebuilt and regrouped, and reached their strength prior to the Second Sith War. He established diplomatic contact with the Sarissi, a vicious race in the Unknown Regions that warred with the Chiss Ascendancy and now have begun attacking the borders of the Republic. The Empire has also been strengthed by the addition of notable members such as Master Mando Khan, and also by the infiltration of sympathetic allies into the board of directors of Czerka Corporation.

When the Sarissi hordes invaded the Republic, Vilan authorized indirect aid of weapons, materials, and technology to the alien invaders, in hopes that they would cause great damage to the Republic. The gambit ultimately failed, and the Republic emerged triumphant, if greatly weakened by the onslaught.

The Kazuraad Insurrection and Training a Successor

But, with all of these benefits, the Sith Empire is descending onto troubled times. The Sith Empire itself is no longer the unifed nation it once was, having been broken up into several mostly autonomous sectors that are personal fiefdoms of the Sith Lords. As Dark Lord, Vilan still holds some sway, and it is enough to prevent open war amongst those who dislike each other and prevent the further disintergration of the Empire. This problem is compounded by the emergence of a rebel Sith faction called the Kazuraad, mainly composed of loyalists to the deceased Darth Shadow who have spent more than a year building stores of supplies and money, creating space stations, depots, and warships, and recruiting members both militarily and economically to their cause. The faction is widespread through the Empire, and it's roots enter even the Republic. Now they are at war with the Empire, attacking various systems and causing terrorist incidents while the Sith forces respond by wiping out cells here and there. To defeat them would be a most tiring effort, and with the Republic looming across the border, being weakened greatly by the rebels would pose a great danger.

As this went on, so did Vilan's slow efforts in training an apprentice. His former student, Furius, had been slain by Shadow on Thule when the Sith Lord started his rebellion. Shortly after that, Vilan descended to Agamar and located his new and final apprentice, his ultimate goal, his nephew Cerix. The young man had been trained in private by a Dark Jedi teacher for several years, but now Vilan took it upon himself to train him in the ways of the Sith, Gnarus assisting when Vilan was absent. This went on for a few years, until Cerix's training was complete, and the lad was made a Sith Knight. Vilan's main goals are to now defeat the Kazuraad and return the Empire to stability, and continue to hold power while Cerix continues to mature and grow in power and in attunement to the Sith ways, so that when it is time, the start of a dynasty may emerge.

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