Darth Xentu

Species: Sith/Mirialian

Homeworld: Korriban

Class: Sith Lord

Gender: Male

Mirialian Age: 30

Real Age: 5400(Approx.)

Appearance during time from joining the Jedi till Ancient Sith Morph: Xentu has long black hair, his appearance used to be that of a Zabrak, three of his 12 horns are visible through this. His face an intricate markings symbolizing hate and destruction. His eyes are a pale red, but when in battle they turn Scarlet. His upper body is quite muscular with very powerful legs.

After Dropping the Shape Shift: After he morphed from his Zabrak form into the form of the ancient Sith, his skin turned a pale red, he still has the long black hair, but it is held back by a golden, metal headband that has a Sith crystal in the middle and strange makrign on the sides. His bodily structure is the same.

History: Born 5400 years ago on the planet Korriban, Yuktios journey was just beginning. His mother was a Mirialian, his Father a True Blood Sith; both were extremely powerful Sith Lords. Two years after his birth he was whisked away to the planet Belkadan where many though he was born. His blood being Mirialian, he could live for much more time then the average being. After a faked birth on Belkadan, the family moved again, this time to Coruscant. Upon arrival, they began living with his Fathers brother and his Mothers Cousin - The two were married and both were Sith too. They had a son who was exactly the same age as Yukito, he was named Sereo.

Yuktio and Sereo became the closest of friends... the closest of cousins in fact. Their parents had much in mind for them. They would take them to be trained by the Jedi. Before Yukio set off his mother and Father told him to shape shift into a Zabrak to hide his Sith blood. And so he did and then set off with Sereo to the Jedi temple. They trained long and hard until they achieved the level of Jedi Master and so they stayed at Jedi master for quite a few years.

Through Yukitos life he was offered a place as a Sith Lord by a strange being name Validus. He kept telling him that he could have true power and that it was in his blood, it was his destiny. Yukito resisted the Dark Side, he had forgotten about his past as the son of the Sith, he wanted to carry on being a Jedi, and so he did.

His lifespan, being as long as it was, took him to see the events of the Clone Wars. He and his cousin fought to save the galaxy, as did many Jedi. But as order 66 was called they were both forced to go into Exile. Yukito didn't know it, but his cousin had already turned to the Darkness... 300 years after the Yuuzhan Vong attack on the New Republic, Yukito re-emerged and helped build up the Jedi order.

Little did he know his cousin had re-emerged too, but as an agent of Evil. They fought many battles, until Sereo told him the truth about his parents, the truth about them being Sith. The Truth hurt, it burned inside of Yukito. It was then that he took the offer of Sereo and joined him as a Sith Lord.

His first mission as a Sith was to find an Ancient Holocron that was made by Darth Plaguis, the Holocron of life. The holocron itself allowed people to bring others back to life. It was exclusively a Sith power. And after they found it, that was what it remained.

The Sith plotted and planned for some years, until their leader, the newly christened Darth Xentu became the Emporer of the galaxy. He reined a terrible rein, his first act was to destroy all Jedi upon sight, and so it happened, thanks to his new Army of The Empire. After so many battles with Jedi Master Leak Drywalker, his former pupil, he finally gave up his Empire to him. But not everything, he gave up his Empire, but not his troops.

In the years to come Lord Xentu found himself in yet another major struggle, this time, it being against the force. The being who tried to taint him earlier was back - Validus. Validus had a sidekick named the Crustalet, an embodiment of the force. After witnessing the Death of his most dear student, Fervidus, Xentu joined these two self proclaimed prophets and became more powerful then ever. His plan was to find the source of their power and destroy it. He joined with the Crustalet for some time and became known as Darth Crutux, that didn't last long after his plan failed. Only with a last stand in the netherworld of the force were those who had fought Validus able to vanquish him. The disturbance sent throughout the force was massive.

After this, an incredibly powerful being named Corcevous rose and threatened to destroy the force-sensitives, many being those who had fought with Validus himself. Leak Drywalker, Jedi Master, persuaded Corcevous to reveal to him why all of this was happening. So, Corcevous took him to a place known as the Den of Prophecies, where he revealed the state of suffering that the force was in. Thus Xentu was forced into war, the biggest war yet, the war to save the galaxy from certain destruction.

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