Lord of Ice
[[Image:{{{image}}}|300px| ]]
Age: Season 1-14. Season 2-15
Race: Giant werewolf.
First appearance: 'The vampire who turned Werepyre' Part 1.
Trivia: Powerful telekinesis. Dires are at least 7 feet tall.


Ice is a gigantic werewolf, better known as a Dire werewolf. He is a faithful and brave person, and follows the Wolf's Code very closely. His birthday falls somewhere in June. He left his pack to seek fame. His greatest abilities are telekinetic in nature and the telekinetic strength is at least twice his actual strength. He has ice blue eyes and black hair.

Ice is very easily embarrassed when it comes to romance. He has a terrible fear of mice, resulting from a nightmare from when he was young. Ice's best friend is a giant wolf named Shadow Storm. His pack is known as the Glazemaw.

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