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The term "Lorekeeper" is a general term for anyone who can control the power of "Lore". Much like a species name, it describes all beings who apply to the description. First, before we get into that, we need to explain what Lore is.

What is Lore?

Lore is an energy that all creatures (With a few exceptions) are born with. It is a measure of how much knowledge you can store and use. This may sound useless, like you can use your memory to store information, but that is not true in this case. What Lore allows you to learn, is information even the Great Beings do not know, information on how to identify, and use, founding forces of nature.

How the information is transferred, and who gives it is unknown, all that is known is that Lorekeepers start with a very basic knowledge of many things in their Lore. For instance; a Lorekeeper of Time would know the basic idea of how time flows, how to identify a "Time Nexus", how to speed the flow of time and bend it around themselves. A Lorekeeper can stay at this state, or with proper training, and the proper stimuli, a Lorekeeper can begin to narrow their fields of knowledge.

The same Lorekeeper of Time has begun to narrow his knowledge, focusing on the "Aggressive" powers of Time, such as super-aging your enemy, trapping them in a time loop, and so on. The Lorekeeper would retain their basic knowledge of how to identify a Time Nexus, but that information would never grow unless they wanted it to, and that would be very unefficient. However, once you know everything in your field (Aggresive time powers, Time Warping) You would gain new knowledge, such as the Psion's Mindblades, or the Aethermancer's Spacial Shifting ability.

There are cases though, of group who forsake these hidden knowledges to know much about every topic of their Lore. This, however, pushes their minds to the limit, and eventually drives them insane.

Lore Powers

Lore powers are "Fundimental Forces of the Universe". There are many different catagories of Lore, such as; Life, Chaos and many others. Each catagory is divided into different "Lores". Life, for example, is divided into:

  • Mind
  • Spirit/Soul
  • Body
  • Hope (Purified power)
  • Will
  • Blood (Corrupted Power)

Also, when one of each Lorekeeper (sometimes more, depending on the task) of a catagory come together, they can create/repair their catagory. Life can create Life, Chaos can repair the void, and so on. These powers can also be imbued into masks and disks.

There are three kinds of Lore abilities:

  • Aggressive/Active
  • Passive
  • Knowledge

Aggressive abilities are primarily used to affect others, most of the time in a negative fashion. There are aggressive powers that can heal, or enhance, however.

Passive abilities are very few, and the line between them and Aggressive can be blurred. Passive abilities affect yourself most of the time, powers like Mind-Reading, Empathy, Matter-Defense, and Teleportation are a few examples. However, sometimes a power can affect another (Mind-Reading, Various Willpower Auras) and still be considered passive. But some (Teleportation) CAN do the same, and are called Aggressive or Passive, according to the use.

Knowledge is just that. You know about how something operates, how to find something, how to fix something, or anything that doesn't involve active powers. Many Lorekeepers don't realize that they use these abilities, but they do. A Lorekeeper of Time might have the Knowledge Ability of finding Time Rips, and knowing how to prevent them. He may also know how to fix them, but most of the time, that requires an Active ability as well.

Lorekeepers Themselves

Anyone can be a Lorekeeper. Many are, they just aren't very powerful. How powerful a Lorekeeper is, is determined by the amount of Lore energy that courses through them. Many races are born with stupendious amounts, a few are born with none. Most races have a "Racial Lore Ability" for each different Lore, and many races have "Lore Affinities" which allows them to control that power better.

Matoran, Toa, and Turaga cannot be Lorekeepers, for as the favored race of Mata-Nui, they have the Toa transformation. They sacrifice Lore powers for greater Elemental Energy, and Toa Energy Storage. There are a select few, with genetic mutations, and who were artifically imbued with Lore that can become Lorekeepers, however. Matoran Lorekeepers commonly possess the powers of:

  • Soul
  • Hope (Pure)
  • Will

Nogans, on the other hand, were commonly gifted with high Lore levels. Many of the Dark Lorekeeper organizations call upon Nogans, promising them the revival of their race, in return for eternal servitude. ALL Nogans have an Affinity for the Power of Will. They can also use Lore Weapons. Most Nogan lorekeepers are:

  • Space
  • Will
  • Hope (Purified)
  • Blood (Corrupt)
  • Revenge (Corrupt)

Rahkshi, Rahi, Skakdi, and most races have mid-level Lore strength. A tiny percentage of these races become actual Lorekeepers. Makusi are strange in the fact that they are either born with massive Lore power, or none at all. Most have none, however, making this race extremely bad for Lorekeepers.

Lorekeeper Power Divisons

All Lores can be divided into multiple "Colors" depending on what their uses are. Some Lores are "Gray" due to the fact that they have equal amounts of each power. Some Lores, though are "Black" or "White", depending if they are torturous or healing-based. Also, there are many other Lore colors, which correspond to various things about a power.

  • Gray (Neutral Lore)
  • Black (mainly Tortureous)
  • White (Mostly healing)
  • Blue (Defensive)
  • Red (Offensive Lore)
  • Green (A mostly Knowledge-based Lore)
  • Yellow (Mostly passive Lore)

Corrupt and Pure

Corrupt and Pure Lores are not physically powerful, it is their effects that make them useful. They can effect the moral of troops, enemies, their health, and many other helpful or devestating powers.

Pure powers are those that are always used for good, and their strength is boosted if used for uncondition kindness and hospitality.

Corrupt Powers are those that can only be used for evil and harmful purposes. They aren't physically powerful, but their effects are what cause them to be dangerous. They can cause your enemies to fight each other, or a friend to kill a friend, or ever instill a deep rooted fear in your enemies heart.

List of Catagories and Lores

  • Life
    • Mind (Grey)
    • Spirit/Soul (Green)
    • Body (Grey)
    • Hope (White, Purified)
    • Will (Yellow)
    • Blood (Black, Corrupt)
  • Universe
    • Time (Grey)
    • Space (Grey)
    • Matter (Blue)
  • Virtue
    • Courage (Pure, Yellow)
    • Honor (White, Pure)
    • Zeal (Pure, Yellow)
    • Justice (Pure, Red)
  • Vice
    • Hatred (Black, Corrupt)
    • Revenge (Black, Corrupt)
    • Fear (Black, Corrupt)
    • Sloth (Corrupt, Yellow)

  • Death
    • Infection (Red, Corrupt)
    • Decay (Red, Corrupt)


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