Lorelei Brooks is one of the childhood girls that Izzy encounters and the love interest of Tyson Granger appearing in Goldfish Warning! Voiced by Kelly Sheridan, she has long blond hair, brown eyes and wears a light purple long sleeved dress, white socks and blue shoes. At her age, she is 14 years old.


  • Unnamed Parents (Deceased)
  • Tyson Granger (Love Interest)
  • Izzy Izumi (Childhood Crush)
  • Jordin Hanson (Rival)


  1.  ??? Tyson
  2.  ??? Izzy
  3.  ???


  1.  ??? she and Jordin ???
  2.  ???
  3.  ???


  1.  ???
  2.  ???
  3.  ???
  4.  ???
  5.  ???
  6.  ???

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