Lori Loud is the 17-year-old sister of Lincoln and the deuteragonist of The Loud House, the love interest of Robert "Bobby" Santiago and the worst fear of Clyde. She has blonde hair, black eyes and wears white pearl earrings. Her main outfit is composed of: a light blue sleeveless shirt, brown shorts, and light blue flats. She is voiced by Catherine Taber. At her age, she is 17 years old.


  • Mrs. Loud (Mother)
  • Mr. Loud (Father)
  • Lincoln Loud (11-year-old Brother)
  • Leni Loud (16-year-old Sister)
  • Luna Loud (15-year-old Sister)
  • Luan Loud (14-year-old Sister)
  • Lynn Loud (13-year-old Sister)
  • Lucy Loud (8-year-old Sister)
  • Lola Loud (6-year-old Sister)
  • Lana Loud (6-year-old Sister)
  • Lisa Loud (4-year-old Sister)
  • Lily Loud (1-year-old Sister)
  • Robert "Bobby" Santiago (Love Interest)
  • Clyde McBride (Worst Fear)


  1. Being nice to Bobby
  2. Going for pro
  3. Admiring her cellphone


  1. The way Lincoln treats her
  2. Getting lost
  3. Fooling herself


Attention niels epting WARNING: You may add appropriate counterparts. But, do NOT delete any.


  • Her My Little Pony counterpart is Rarity, both like fashion and are bossy.
  • Her Phineas and Ferb counterpart is Candace Flynn, both are bossy and like to hang out with their boyfriends.
  • Her Powerpuff Girls counterpart is Blossom, both are bossy and like to be the leader.
  • Her Total Drama counterpart is Courtney, both are bossy and strict.
  • Her Inside Out counterpart is Disgust, both disagree on a lot of things.
  • Her Popples counterpart is Prize Popple, both are vain and want things their own way.
  • Her The Wuzzles counterpart is Hoppopotamus, both have blue in their character designs, are snarky, and are arrogant.
  • Her Care Bears counterpart is Love-a-Lot Bear, both are romantic.
  • Her Super Bust-a-Move counterpart is Miss T, both are vain, mature women.
  • Her Happy Tree Friends counterpart is Petunia, both have blue in their character designs, are bossy, and girlfriends to Bobby and Handy.
  • Her Aggressive Retsuko counterpart is the titular character, both are business-savvy and hot-tempered.
  • Her Midnight Horror School counterpart is Juno, both are beautiful, but intimidating at times and girlfriends to Bobby and Rosso.
  • Her Star Fox counterpart is Krystal, both are mature and girlfriends to Bobby and Fox mccloud.
  • Her Parappa the Rapper conterpart is Paula Fox, both are bossy and are fashionable.
  • Her Looney tunes counterpart is Penelope, both are sassy and are girlfriends to Bobby and Pepe Le Pew.
  • Her Alvin and the chipmunks counterpart is Brittany, both are bossy, snarky, vain, are occasionally nice, and have a sisterly relationship with Leni and Eleanor Miller.
  • Her Harvey Street Kids counterpart is Frufru, both are vain and can get angry.


  • Her male Happy Tree Friends counterpart is Flippy, both are easily angered.
  • Her Sheep in the Big City counterpart is the Ranting Swede, both wear blue, have blonde hair, are short-tempered and have counterparts Carol Pingrey and the Ranting Norwegian.
  • Her male Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends counterpart is Gordon, Both have the letter 'or' in their names, wear blue and are big and bossy.
  • Her male Transformers: Rescue Bots counterpart is Heatwave, both are hot-headed, bossy leaders.
  • Her Nine Dog Christmas counterpart is Snowplow, both are strict and are the bigger ones in their groups. (Snowplow being the biggest of the dogs and Lori being the tallest of her siblings)
  • Her Oddbods counterpart is Fuse, both are angered a lot.