Lorry 1/Babar are parodies with Lorry 1 the Horrid Lorry and Friends clips and Babar audio.


  • Colin as Young Babar
  • Flora as Young Celeste
  • Freddie as Young Arthur
  • Cranky as Adult Babar
  • Pinknose as Adult Celeste (Pinknose and Adult Celeste both end with e)
  • Derek as Adult Arthur
  • Lorry 1 as Pom
  • Caroline as Flora
  • Lorry 3 as Alexander
  • Lady as Isabelle
  • Smudger as Cornelius
  • Spamcam (from RWS) as Pompadour
  • Salty as Young Zephir
  • Lorry 2 as Adult Zephir
  • Daisy as Madame
  • The Spiteful Brakevan as Lord Rataxes
  • Elizabeth as Lady Rataxes
  • Sir Handel as Victor
  • James as Basil
  • Butch as Troupadour
  • Bertie as Truffles
  • Charlie as Andre (Charlie and Andre both end with e)
  • Spencer as The Hunter (Spencer and The Hunter both end with r and are both Big and Strong + Spencer was a Real Villain in Hero Of The Rails)
  • Kevin as Badou
  • Diesel as Crocodylus

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