Lorry 1/Pokemon are parodies with Lorry 1 the Horrid Lorry and Friends clips and Pokemon audio.


  • Lorry 1 as Ash
  • Flora as Misty
  • Cranky as Brock (Cranky and Brock are both Big and Strong)
  • Derek as Gary (Derek and Gary are both Big and Strong)
  • Ben as Pikachu (Ben and Pikachu are both Yellow)
  • Tom Tipper as Professor Oak
  • Kevin as Todd
  • Butch as Tracey
  • Caroline as May
  • Lorry 3 as Max
  • Norman as Norman (Norman and Norman both Share The Same Name)
  • Bertie as Professor Birch
  • Smudger as Harley
  • BoCo as Ritchie
  • Bill as Sparky (Bill and Sparky are both Yellow)
  • Elizabeth as Jessie
  • Spencer as James (Spencer was a Real Villain in Hero Of The Rails)
  • Bulgy as Meowth
  • The Spiteful Brakevan as Giovanni
  • Terence as Jimmy
  • Colin as Drew
  • Lady as Dawn
  • Proteus as Professor Rowan (Proteus and Professor Rowan both start with P)
  • Madge as Zoey
  • Douglas as Barry
  • Donald as Kenny
  • Freddie as Paul
  • Mavis as Iris
  • Flynn as Cilan (Flynn and Cilan both end with n)
  • Emily as Bianca
  • The Refreshment Lady as Delia
  • Pinknose as Nurse Joy
  • Daisy as Officer Jenny (Daisy and Officer Jenny both end with y)
  • George as Trip
  • Rosie as Serena
  • Scruff as Clemont

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