Lorry Coutts is the rival of Lolita Diamond, the best friend of Betty Hawkins and the love interest of Gary Palmer appearing in Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes and its 2016 sequel Livin' In College With The Stereotypes. She has brown hair in a straight way and brown eyes. In Stereotypes, her outfit is composed of: a pale purple shirt with long sleeves, dark blue denim shorts, and tan pantyhose and wears no shoes. In College, her outfit is composed of: a yellow-green long sleeved shirt, the same blue denim shorts, and the same tan pantyhose and is still shoe-less. She is voiced by Candi Milo, in a Southern Belle accent. At her age in Stereotypes, she is 13-year-old, while in College, she is 16-years-old.


  • Edna and Simon Coutts (Parents)
  • Gary Palmer (Love Interest)
  • Lolita Diamond (Rival)


  1. Feeling super sassy to Gary
  2. Walking barefoot
  3. Admiring her nylon toes


  1. Feeling useless
  2. The way she foils it
  3. Being grounded

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