part 9 Lincoln Hurts Ronnie Anne feelings / Lincoln Makes Up Again 

LORI: LINCOLN!! [The camera shifts over to Lori and Bobby, both of whom look furious at what Lincoln just said, and then over to Ronnie Anne, who is again shocked and heartbroken at hearing Lincoln repeating these harsh words after all that bonding they just went through. Tears well up in her eyes and she runs for the entrance.]

Lincoln :Oops.

OPTIMUS :YOU STOLE THE DINOBOTS AND TOOK THEM TO AN ISLAND?!? ( camera goes to Optimus Primes Face Who is Very angry at what Lincoln did )

Lincoln : ( Gulps )  

( now Camera shifts to Moon Knight who is looking at at Jean Juan's French-Mex Buffet  window and saw what Lincoln has just did )

Moon Knight : ( angry ) Lincoln!! (he smash a persons car Nearby ) HE did it again!!

[ But stops His rage turns into sorrow as His 'eyes well up with tears and he breaks into sobs, showering himself with tears.] 'i'm sorry Lincoln!!  

Bobby, saw moon Knight Sobbing with woe But he didn't care He just continued to be furious with Lincoln ]

BOBBY: We're broken up again, babe. I mean, Lori. [Lori starts crying her eyes out and Lincoln's classmates point and laugh at him. Lincoln sees Ronnie Anne reaching the entrance.] 

[ Now Moon Knight is Still sobbing ) 

BOBBY:  Are you OK dude? 

[ Moon Knight wipes away his tears, and stands up from his puddle of woe ] 

Moon Knight : Hi ( continues to sob a little )

BOBBY:  I'm sorry what you had saw 

Moon Knight: Why were you angry with Lincoln when he did it?

BOBBY : i was angry with Lori when Lincoln Hurt My little sis Feelings 

Moon Knight: I know is Sad [ he sniffles a bit]

[ But inside ]

LINCOLN: Hey, wait! [he runs after her but is suddenly blocked by the Mexican band again] MUSICIAN: ¡Música! LINCOLN: No, no. No música. Ronnie Anne, wait! There's something I've gotta say. [he pulls up a small podium and gets on it to make his speech] Can I have everyone's attention, please? [Lori stops crying] I've said some pretty horrible things about a girl who deserves a lot better. Ronnie Anne, you're really cool, and funny, and I've had an awesome time hanging out with you tonight. [Ronnie Anne doesn't quite look convinced] But as my sister Lori once told me, actions speak louder than words. [Lori smiles] So, instead of telling you how I great I think you are, well... [Lincoln jumps off the podium and gives out his hand to Ronnie. She takes his hand, and he then pulls her up onto the podium with him and kisses her on the lips. The classmates react in surprise while Lori and Bobby gleefully hug each other.] LORI AND BOBBY: Yes!

Moon Knight : yippee! 

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