Louie is a charectar in Mikih And The Teenagers, Mikih And The Teenagers 2 and Mikih and the Teenagers 3. He will also apper in Mikih and the Teenagers 4.

Name: Louie.

Mikih and the Teenagers

in Mikih and the Teenagers, Louie meets Mikih, Roc and Nasir and writes songs for them and unaware of their friendship with Chris. He gets angry about the friendship and leaves. Louie then tries to save them from Chris (who puts the teenagers in a box. Mikih, Roc, and Nasir then put voice-activated action figure'd versions of themselves in the box. Mikih, Roc, and Nasir then go to Loie's car. Roc states that they can get out of a box. When Chris is driven  to the airport  Paris France Chris reveals if the teenagers he will be called Uncle Chris by them again, he then offers a deal. Chris quickly notices that the voice-activated action figures of the teenagers are in the box. He takes the Mikih figure out of the box and hears it speaking giving him it's name and favorite food. Chris finds it unbelieveable that the teenagers had escaped. He then looks at Roc and Nasir. Chris yells Noooo! and travels to Paris. 

By: Roc. 

Mikih and the Teenagers 2

In Mikih and the Teenagers 2  Louie returns in the hospital and is visited by Wineyada.

Mikih 3

Louie appers in some scenes. 

By: Roc.

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