Love Chä is a powerful Chä in the Emotion Zodiac.

To become a Love Chäotic you must be in the Black, White, Yellow or Grey alignment and be of Emotional, Hero, or Corrupt classification.


Here is a description of the Love Chä powers.


  • Pheromone Storm: Causes anyone of the opposite gender in the vacinity to fall in an irreversible love with the Chäotic. Until the Chäotic realeases their grip the victims will do anything to gain the Chäotic's love. This includes murder and suicide.


  • Healing Touch: Can cause large wounds to heal via touch. Often an embrace or kiss.
  • Deliberate Sacrifice: The Love Chäotic sacrifices their own life to bring back or save that of another. The person who is affected gains not only their life, but increased physical abilties, increased powers (such as elements), and Empathy.


  • Object of Desire: Causes one being to fall madly in love with the Love Chäotic. How the Chäotic uses this person's love is up to them, however miuse may cause dire effects.


  • Attraction: Causes the Love Chäotic to look like the most attractive person anyone of the opposite gender has ever seen.

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