• Bob as Andy Hardy
  • Robert as Judge James K. Hardy
  • Dot as Mrs. Emily Hardy
  • Jana as Marian Hardy
  • Wendy as Betsey Booth
  • Jenny as Cynthia Potter
  • Marjorie as Polly Benedict
  • J.J. as James 'Jimmy' MacMahon, Jr.
  • Piper as Dennis Hunt
  • Mrs. Bentley as Aunt Millie Forrest
  • Mrs. Percival as Augusta
  • Spud as Francis Bacon 'Beezy' Anderson
  • Farmer Pickles as Peter Dugan
  • Mr. Bentley as Mr. Barnes


  • "In Between" – Wendy
  • "It Never Rains But What It Pours" – Wendy
  • "Meet the Beat of My Heart" – Wendy

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