Love Of The Common People was one of Paul Young's most successful singles (No. 2 in UK, no. 4 in Germany etc.) released in 1983. It contained a short but fine solo by Rico.

Love Of The Common 500

7": CBS A-4077 /NL (p) * (c) CBS Records 1983


Love Of The Common B 500
Love Of The Common L A 500
Love Of The Common L B 500

Side 1:

  • Love Of The Common People (Remix) (John Hurley / Ronnie Wilkins) 3:33

Side 2:

  • Behind Your Smile (Live version) (Paul Young / Ian Kewley) 5:04; live recording from Liverpool Royal Court


  • Paul Young (voc)
  • Rico Rodriguez (tb on "Love Of The Common People")
  • Matt Irving (b on "Love Of The Common People")
  • The Royal Family
    • The Rev (keyb)
    • Mark Pinder (dr)
    • Pino Palladino (b)
    • Steve Bolten (g)
    • The Fabulous Wealthy Tarts (bvoc)
    • Kim & Maz (bvoc)

Produced by Laurie Latham for LOP Productions.

Photo by Simon Fowler

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