Lovely Flower

The official logo of the movie

(The Adam d'Auna album of the same name: [1]

Lovely Flower - The Movie is the first movie ever to be produced only by Ultimate Multi Picture Culture(UMPC). Instead Ultimate Picture is credited for lending "flashback" clips of earlier movies and videos for the film.

Lovely Flower and not Lonely Flower is Adam d'Auna's fourth solo project after Battle of Time, Battle of Time III and Kuchar Von Dieu. Gustaf Ekman does not participate with his abilities and creative mind but he is featured in the main titles, in flashback clips from the One uf Us music video recorded in 2006.

Kristin ida malin

From the Left: Malin Ek, Kristin Sverredal & Ida Kronqvist

The Movie is said to be a mixture of Kuchar Von Dieu and a documentary. In fact, Kuchar from "Kuchar Von Dieu" recorded a short message for the film in which he describes his time with UMPC/UP, the show and finally says farewell to the era.

The movie is the first since Love is Blind were Adam d'Auna does not have any form of make-up on his face. In Battle of Time II - It's In the Lake he has a painted scar over his right eye and in Battle of Time III - The Neverending he wears a gothic kind of make-up. The same gothic make-up can be seen in two episodes of Kuchar Von Dieu; Prolouge Baby(S01E01) and Hit, Jump 'N' Run(S01E02).

Even thou d'Auna talks about Battle of Time II and III there's no clips or sounds from these films visible in the film. This is really a goof, Adam d'Auna did put short clips from those films in Lovely Flower but when he was rendering the film those clips was mysteriously gone and couldn't be found on the editing computer, sorry "BoT" fans.


Adam d'Auna during an interview in the film

The movie begins with the UMPC logo fading in and out. For the first time since Battle of Time III the film starts with the titles, Love is Blind featured a pre-credit scene. After the titles the first part of a 16 minutes long interview is shown. d'Auna talks about his past and so on, the movie itself lasts over 50 minutes which makes Lovely Flower... the longest full feature of the UMPC/UP catalouge until this day (2007). Love is Blind comes in second place with 40 minutes.

The movie contains only one track recorded specially for the film, "***tic Dancer" was recorded specially for the film and is also featured in the first trailer for the film.

Front Cover Lovely FlowerCD

the cover of the soundtrack album

The Soundtrack album features four songs:

01 Speed Feelings

02 1622[Instrumental]

03 Lovely Lips

04 ***tic Dancer

Lovely flower dvd front cover

the pre-production dvd front cover

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