Lowe Margas is one of the first few characters on the Academy of Magic. The name holds several honors, including one of the first few graduates, the first lloy apprentice, etc.

Academy History

Considering memory is infinitely fallible and I didn't take notes on my character's history, my recollection of Lowe's history is pretty spotty. I invite anyone who reads this to fill in the blanks, as it seems my exploits as Lowe made lasting impressions to others more than myself.

On entering the Academy, Lowe was a textbook Order soldier. He was judgmental, righteous, an overall pain-in-the-ass, and mutated into a form of mana. Thus, he fit well into the first "plot" of the Academy: Voldo. Lowe immediately found his niche in trying to stop Ryu Phoenix. At this point, he discovered he could meld with the wards of the Academy and spy on Ryu. Also, I made my first attempt at godmodding the same time. I quickly back down afterwards, removing the wards mechanic almost entirely.

During the Voldo plot, Lowe made... acquaintances would be the best fitting word... with Yoketa. As such, Lowe took place in the Mirari plot by telling Yoketa about the presence of a new Mirari. The two and Eritta took a trip on Lowe's horrible ship filled with ex-pirates. Yoketa killed them all and Lowe had to save Eritta from being raped. Once at the location, the three found Karn and Jhoira. Karn took Lowe's white mirari shell away to from a new Mirari, resulting in Lowe becoming human. Afterwards, he left in disgust of Yoketa's actions.

Sakura Kitsune appears on the scene and Lowe is smitten. However, Abel Getragan's plot takes place and Lowe and Sakura are converted into evil forms. Generally, nothing else happens. Lowe is eventually freed when Abel is defeated by Damien Wilacoth. At that point, he demands the Mirari from Yoketa, destroying it by sacrificing the other colors of his Mirari energy. Lowe then takes the planeswalker's engine and goes on a mental breakdown. He also loses his virginity to one of Damien's alts. Abel's plot is where Lowe's character defintely jumps the shark.

Upon return, Lowe is still acting selfish and evil. He attacks Owen Wilacoth in training and his remarks burn Lowe's ego. He soon returns to his normal actions. At one point, Lowe rekindles a relationship with Sakura. They plan to marry. Lowe doesn't show. He is dead.

OOC character

Anyone who has talked with me for any length of time know that I act a bit like Lowe (we're both jackasses) and a bit like a crazy person. I want to focus on my jackassery. Because of it, I have a lot to apologize for. It is a long list, so I will start with the people I have acted the worst to.

- Damien Wilacoth: If you are Eritta or Yoketa, you know very well I got in too many arguments with Damien Wilacoth. I would now like to take the time that I am sorry, and I am completely wrong for doing so. I have remarked that his plots are ridiculous, but I would like to say that I only said that, because I never managed to took the time to understand the sheer complexities of Wilacoth's ideas. Due to my ignorance, I made an enemy of Damien. Once again, I apologize for almost everything I have done to Damien, since my actions were the result of my ignorance for his genius.

- 'Los: I'm pretty sure I could have been friends with 'Los if it weren't for my jackassery. I argued relentlessly and continuously with 'Los, despite the fact I was always wrong. 'Los is the authority on Mt:G canon, but I still argued with him. As Eritta once put it, I shouldn't pick fights just because I like to argue. Women are always right. I'm sorry 'Los and I thank you for serving in the armed forces. You are a credit to our country.

- Eritta: Eritta was one of the reasons I left AoM. When even she got pissed at my actions, I knew I had dug myself a grave. I apologize to Eritta as she was the person I went to to bounce ideas off someone, making her the brunt of most of my pointless arguments. I apologize to her.

- Zane: You know what I did, and I'm sorry for it. It was immature. Whether you like it or not, I am apologizing to you. I hope you can forgive and forget.

- Dorman: I haven't really done much to Dorman, but it stands out in my mind that Lowe once tried to remove Dorman's house. Just to make the record clear, that was my feelings. Lowe would have nothing against the house. I want to apologize to Dorman for that waste of time I placed upon him.

- Arrathir: I tihnk I pissed off Arrathir on several occasions for no reason. I am sorry Arrathir. You deserve better for your work at AoM.

For anyone else I have forgot, I apologize for what I did.

Failures as a mod and member of AoM

Since I was in a position of power at AoM, I would like to make note about the numerous failures of the forum I took part in.

- Hospital Ward: I destroyed the original one. Why did I do it? No reason. I just wanted to. As such, I should have been banned. There was no excuse for what I did. I removed from AoM some classic posts. It is not fair to anyone for me to have taken that away from people. I am sorry.

- Lowe's character: If I could, I would retcon a couple of things about Lowe's history. First, I would have never been taken by Abel. The only reason I was taken was due to a misunderstanding on Wilacoth's part. Abel's plot changed Lowe in such a way that I was not able to rp him sufficiently enough. I would also like to note Lowe jumped the shark at that point. Another change I would make to Lowe's history is the godmodding attempts. They were half-assed and typically disregarded by most, but I still did them. It shames me to ever have done it.

- Missions: I urged Arrathir to make the missions. The problem is, most people didn't accept the fact their adventures were missions, thus making a distinction between a popular tradition and a new rule. Because of this, missions failed. I should have defined a mission better.

- DMing: My dming style is ridiculous. I make it impossible for an adventure to be finished as the challegenges are way too tough.

- Cheating to be one of the first summoners: No one knows this to my knowledge. When people were racing to be the first summoner, it was clear Ryu was going to be the first one. Besides the summoners who were appointed, he was. However, I should not have been the second summoner. To keep up with Ryu, I just added an arbitrary amount of SP each day to keep up with him. I believe the amount was 400. I know I should have never done anything like that. How I became a mod after that, I don't know.

- LTE: Ever taking part in that thread has shamed me. Enough said.

There are others. I shall find them and make a note here.

Success as a mod and member of AoM

- XP system: The only long term change to AoM I am proud of. It consolidated the old experience system into an easy to use single stat instead of two stats and a specialty.

- Eritta: I am not going to boast here, but my actions led to Eritta joining the AoM community. Of course, I can't take all the responsibility here. She made the decision to join, and YM was misguided enough to enact the event that led to her joining. She is one of the best rpers. The other two are Yoketa and Damien.

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