Lt. Surge's Great Adventure: The Movie is a fan-fiction film created by Pikachufreak.

Plot of this movie

  • The movie starts with Lt. Surge waking up one beautiful morning. He calls his sister Madeline of the Hoenn region and the two head for the kitchen where Jeeves is shown cooking up pancakes. After the two eat them, they head outside and soon learn how to be siblings as they sing Between A Brother and A Sister. In Sabrina's room, she had just worn her normal outfit and her opaque white pantyhose and she puts her long black boots on. Then, she calls Kenny of the Rustboro School and the two head for the daycare center. Meanwhile, in Blaine's room, he is grooving to disco music when Orihime Inoue appears, dressed in a blue sundress. Orihime tells Blaine that the mark is about to begin and he excitedly enters. He calls both Oralie and Hayley and they head for the community center as they sing I Couldn't Wait To Be Proud Of This. Meanwhile, in Bruno's room, he is meditating with focus when Lorelei appears. She tells him that her perfect timing will get everything and Bruno agrees to help. Back outside, Surge and Madeline meet Yas and Kaz who tell them that Volkner, Cheryl, Evian, Linda, Maron and Barbara are making adjustments and Surge ignores them. Meanwhile, Hunter J and Kerrigan are planning on taking possession, however, their accomplishment doesn't go too often. Back at the Daycare center, Sabrina and Kenny arrive and Sabrina perfectly sings How To Be A Normal Kid to her brother. At the community center, Blaine meets his total crush Tokine Yukimura and her boyfriend Itsuki Koizumi. She explains that they will be doing some lessons and Blaine agrees to help. Meanwhile, Surge and Madeline make their way to the mall. They enter the clothes store and find Sabrina and Kenny. Surge is conceited when Sabrina needs to fit her casual outfit. However, Sabrina's Parents make their first appearances and tell them that the costume party is starting and Surge is entered. Meanwhile, Volkner is doing some grooving as he sings My Life. That night, the costume party is held and Lt. Surge and the gang are in full costumes. Bryan and Ryan, Bruno's brothers, appear and both Oralie and Hayley are smitten with them. However, trouble falls in when Yas and Kaz are making plans on tearing up the competition. Surge decides to beat them and they did. After that, the movie finishes with Sabrina kissing Surge for saving the day.


  1. Lt. Surge
  2. Madeline
  3. Jeeves
  4. Sabrina
  5. Kenny
  6. Blaine
  7. Orihime Inoue
  8. Oralie
  9. Hayley
  10. Bruno
  11. Lorelei
  12. Yas
  13. Kaz
  14. Volkner
  15. Cheryl
  16. Evian
  17. Linda
  18. Maron
  19. Barbara
  20. Hunter J
  21. Kerrigan
  22. Tokine Yukimura
  23. Itsuki Koizumi
  24. Sabrina's Parents
  25. Bryan
  26. Ryan


  1. Between A Brother and A Sister
  2. I Couldn't Wait To Be Proud of This
  3. How To Be A Normal Kid
  4. My Life

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