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Lu Jin

General Information

Name: Lu Jin
Genre: Occult Horror
Race: Human
Occupation: Swordmaster/Courtesan
Age: (69) 23
Gender: Various (Male)
Height: Various (6'1")
Weight: Various (170 Ibs)
Description and Character Notes

Lu Jin is an Chinese swordmaster and courtesan of the Old Blood, a sect of mystics and assassins that rely on manufactured charms and their wits to infiltrate and assassinate corrupt wizards and other magic users in their own homes, where they are traditionally at their most powerful. As a means to pursue the craven users of magic who escape death or have acquired immortality, they are each given charms that would allow them to exist as many people over the course of centuries, by staving off the curse of old age and allowing them to manipulate their appearances to blend in with the populations of the world. Because of their shapeshifting abilities and long lifespans, Old Blood agents tend to have weaker senses of self, and lessened senses of immediacy. Being nearly 70 years old now, Lu Jin is a journeyman who has several executions under his belt, under many aliases, and under the suggestion of his elders, has joined the Bureau, a western organization that is associated with the Old Blood in its battle against the darkness.


Body: 6
Mind: 4
Soul: 5
Health Points: 55 (75)
Energy Points: 45
Shock Value: 11 (15)
Combat Value: 5
Defense Value: 3


   Melee Attack 2x5 = 10  
   Melee Defense 2x5 = 10  
   Acrobatics 1x4 = 4  
   Disguise 4x2 = 8  
   Seduction 2x2 = 4  
   Sleight of Hand 2x2 = 4

 Appearance 1x1 = 1  
 Highly Skilled 1x1 = 1  
 Wealth 1x3 = 3  
 Kensei 3x1 = 3  
   Chanbara Master   
   Two Weapons   
   Lightning Draw   
 Speed 1x1 = 1  (52 KPH)
 Jumping 1x1 = 1  (520 Meters)
 Special Movement 3x1 = 3  
 Personal Gear 2x1 = 2  (2 major items)
   Major Items   
     Golden Jian 1x1 = 1  
       Massive Damage 3x2 = 6  (15 extra damage)
     "Lucky" Charm 1x1 = 1  
       Shape Change 2x2 = 4  
         Can Change Self   
       Divine Relationship 2x1 = 2
   Minor Items   
     Exorcism Charm 1x1 = 1  
       Exorcism 2x1 = 2  
     Vitality Charm 1x1 = 1  
       Damn Healthy! 2x1 = 2  
     Long Dagger 1x1 = 1  
       Focused Damage 2x1 = 2  
     Nice Clothes 1x1 = 1  
       Appearance 2x1 = 2  
     Inscribed Vest 1x1 = 1  
       Light Armor 4x1 - 2 = 2  (10 Damage Stopped)
         Partial No Armor (Torso Only)   
     Erratic Charm 1x1 = 1  
       Mind Shield 2x1 = 2  
     Summoning Signet 1x1 = 1  
       Trickster's Pet Snake 1x2 = 2  
         Replaceable Servant   
         Body 1x1 = 1  
         Mind 2x1 = 2  
         Soul 1x1 = 1  
         Highly Skilled 1x1 = 1  
           Forgery 6x2 = 12  
           Burglary 6x2 = 12  
           Stealth 4x4 = 16  
     Charm of Youth 1x1 = 1  
       Special Defense 2x1 = 2 (Aging, Total)

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