The Loud House Luan Nickelodeon

Luan Loud is the 14-year-old sister of Lincoln of The Loud House and the love interest of Sid Walker (from Hey Arnold). She has light brown hair worn up in a large ponytail, black eyes and has buck teeth with braces. Her main outfit is composed of: a white sleeveless shirt, a yellow skirt with a square pattern, yellow socks with a line pattern that are worn all the way up and brown shoes and wears three pink flowers, one on her shirt and one on each shoe, that serve as gag squirt-flowers. She is voiced by Cristina Pucelli. At her age, she is 14 years old.



  1. Being nice to her siblings
  2. Going for pro
  3. Making jokes


  1. Losing her focus
  2. Being useless
  3. Getting in trouble


Attention niels epting WARNING: You may add appropriate counterparts. But, do NOT delete any.


  • Her My Little Pony counterpart is Pinkie Pie, both are funny and hyper.
  • Her Littlest Pet Shop counterpart is Pepper Clark, both are comedians.
  • Her Popples counterpart is Party Popple, both are happy, funny, and have similar sounding voices.
  • Her Trolls counterpart is Princess Poppy, both are happy a lot.
  • Her Care Bears (1980s) counterpart is Funshine Bear, both are happy, funny, and have yellow in their character designs.
  • Her Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School counterpart is Phantasma because both are happy and goofy.
  • Her Gravity Falls counterpart is Mabel Pines because both wear braces, are brunettes and are happy.
  • Her Midnight Horror School counterpart is Chaps, both are happy and optimistic.


  • Her Fairly Odd Parents counterpart is Cosmo, both are silly.
  • Her The Get Along Gang counterpart is Bingo "Bet-it-All" Beaver, both are brunette pranksters with buckteeth.
  • Her Blue's Clues counterpart is Mailbox, both are aspiring comedians and like to tell jokes.
  • Her Hamtaro counterpart is Howdy, both have brown hair and tell jokes.
  • Her Bubsy counterpart is Bubsy Bobcat, both make puns.
  • Her Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! counterpart is Beast Boy, both have in common because they tell jokes and puns and pull pranks
  • Her The Moxy Show counterpart is the titular character, both wear yellow and are goofy.
  • Her male Midnight Horror School counterpart is Spimon, both are funny brunettes.
  • Her Nine Dog Christmas counterpart is Fetch, both have silliness in their personalities.