Protest activity quiet on Tech campus

"Victory - then peace," someone painted across a Texas Tech campus wall. That was 38 years ago and America is again at war. But Tech is no greenhouse for activism, pro-war, anti-war or otherwise, according to students. From Lubbock Online[1].

Overt racism in Wall Hall

My daughter, Rashidah, attended Tech her Freshman year of 2006 and lived in Wall Hall. During Black History Month an exhibit that demonstrated questionable sensitivity to African American students appeared on the bulletin board in her dorm. After inquiring about the origins of the exhibit she was referred to the Dean's Office who arranged a meeting between her and the RA who had built the display. It turns out that the RA had been instructed by her supervisor, an African American man, to build the exhibit. Having no experience with Black History her choices were less than delicate. To see the cell phone snapshots of the exhibit visit my Flickr[2] photostream.

D.L. Bearden

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