Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew Sad Scene

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Ash:Oh No What We Do Now Pikachu

Pikachu:(Sadly) Pika

Lucario:Tells Us Feeling Hurt

Amy Rose:Hi Im Amy Rose

Lucario:Hi Amy Rose

Amy Rose:A Princess Named Peach

Lucario:This A Sad Story

Amy Rose:Peach Likes The Date Mario

Lucario:Sad Story

Amy Rose:Yeah Is The Sad Story

Amy Rose:Pinkie Pie Wants To Be A Princess Said Pinkie Pie

Amy Rose:Peach Saying Yes Try Him On Said Peach

Amy Rose:Pinkie Pie Looked Sad I Want To Be A Cry A Lot

Lucario:(Thinking) Master If Only You Could Hear Me I Want To Tell You How Much You Mean To Be

Amy Rose:Lucario? Feeling Sad


Amy Rose:Pinkie Pie Sad Feeling About The Princess Day

Lucario:(Still Thinking) I Feel The Same

Amy Rose:Later On Pinkie Pie Is Happy Now Let'a Party Said Pinkie Pie

Amy Rose:The End Bye Bye Thank You Goodnight


Lucario:Huh (Sobbing)

Lucario:(Thinking) Amy My Friend I'm Sorry I Failed You *Sniff*

(Scene Ends)

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