Lucius is a character from the Atrician campaign, Finest Hour.

Format: Dungeons & Dragons 3.5

Lucius Striker
Abilities Base
Player "Dave"
Race Human
Religion Uriah
Alignment Lawful Evil
Size Medium
Gender Male
Class(es) Wizard, Level 1
Experience 125/1000


Abilities Base Magic Total Modifier
Strength 13 0 13 +1
Dexterity 14 0 14 +2
Constitution 15 0 15 +2
Intelligence 16 0 16 +3
Wisdom 14 0 14 +2
Charisma 17 0 17 +3
Type AC Base DEX Armor Shield Magic Misc
Basic 12 10 2 0 0 0 0
Touch 12 10 2 - 0 0 0
Flatfoot 10 10 - 0 0 0 0
Save Total Base Stat Misc
FOR +2 +0 +2 +0
REF +2 +0 +2 +0
WIL +4 +2 +2 +0

Character Information

  • Age: 26
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Hazel
  • Height: 6ft 0in
  • Weight: 200lbs
  • Appearance: Slightly tanned skin, shaggy hair, and almost fit.
  • Birthplace: Rebelissio
  • Father: Martek Striker
  • Mother: Lauricia Falleen
  • Siblings: Six
    • Brothers: Catax, Loran, and Sanit
    • Sisters: Serilia, Marille, and Ashel
  • Relatives: Twenty-One
    • Uncles: Raith, Lawrence, Eldam, Socral and Torack
    • Aunts: Tanessia, Sarah, and Loretta
    • Male Cousins: Sol, Revant, Eltargrim, Lotan, Sogran, Maxlar, and Toril
    • Female Cousins: Torillia, Niko, Elmara, Delle, Olevara, Rosel, and Sonnet
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Rival: Sol Striker
  • Best Friend: None
  • Pet Peeve: Someone telling him what to do who has no right to.
  • Phobias: Radishes
  • Favorite Food: Everything but radishes.
  • Favorite Color: Gold
  • Favorite Animal: Hawk
  • Quote: "Remember, I'm the one in charge."
  • Personality: Willing to do anything or kill anyone that gets in his way of his goals and plans.

Personal History

Born in Morchi, on Sunhammer 23, 1295vA to Martek and Lauricia Striker, Lucius Striker, the first born of Martek and next in line of succession, was also born with a love of magic, fascinated and awestruck by the Art. He was always pestering everyone in the family to cast spells and to teach him magic. So at the age of twelve it was no surprise we he decided he too would be a wizard and was soon apprenticed to the family archmage, Raith Striker. Seeing potential in his overeager apprentice, Raith spent extra time with him, molding him into what he saw as the next Striker archmage. Impressed by which Raith would with ease defeat his opponents, Lucius decided he too would become a Abjurer like Raith. While apprenticed to Raith a rivalry started between himself and his cousin and fellow apprentice of Raith, Sol Striker. Competing in everything from who could learn the next spell the fastest and cast it with out error, to who can get his chores done first. When Raith noticed that his best two apprentices became rivals he decided to encourage it with little games and "mage duels" (always watched over carefully of course) to strengthen them. This lead to both of them completely outpaceing the rest of the family apprentices and even those of other families of like age. Shortly after finishing his apprenticeship with Raith, he and Sol were drafted to the Rebelissian army for the fight against the undead threat.

Family History

The Striker family has only recently, that is to say in the last 100 years, ascended to nobility in the country of Rebelissio. Though quickly gaining favor among the major houses of nobility, they are still a very small house with just 30 members compared to the well over 100 of the major houses. Though the Striker family is an oddity, they are rising through the ranks of nobility quickly, an astounding feat in a land of little change. This rapid rise is because they do not follow the normal path of training that most Houses follow. The path of training many Paladins to gain authority and power. Do to this, they do not pose a threat to the highest echelon, as many others do, and therefore many houses befriend the Strikers instead of working against them do to not seeing them as a rival. The majority of the family have formal training as wizards. Though some have joined the Clergy as clerics, only one, Mertek, is a Paladin. It is family tradition for there only to be one Paladin at a time. Though some think this moronic of the Strikers, do to the authority of a family is based on its number of Paladins, it is in truth a cautious plan by the founder of the family, Salzar Striker, a Paladin who through bravery in earlier wars earned his family a noble title. Four generations later, with Martek at the head, the Striker House has risen to popularity and a place of decent power, so it seems to be working.

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