• Narrator: Once Upon a Time, There were 12 Friends going to Mall of America, Then Luigi saw a Fake Poop, Then he went CoCoa For CoCoa Puffs.
  • Luigi: Can i Have this Mario, I haven't had any for 65 days!
  • Mario: No! You are To Old for this Crap!
  • Rosalina: and your Still Grounded!
  • Gumball: We are Going to Send u to Vietnam if U don't Stop!
  • Luigi: No, Not Vietnam!
  • Finn: How about the Harsh Judge!
  • Luigi: No Not That!
  • Felix: Yes The Harsh Judge! How About if U Like it or Not!
  • Luigi: No 90x
  • Narrator: At the Judge, Thomas was Real Mad at Him
  • Thomas: Luigi! How Dare U throw a Tantrum at Mall Of America!
  • The Green ProDuctions: And U are in Jail for 5 Years or a $500,000 Fine!
  • Felix: 5 Years in Jail!
  • Luigi: NoNoNoNoNoN....
  • Rosalina: Stop this Nonsence! U even Blew an Earthquake There!
  • Mario: Send him to Boot Camp!
  • Thomas: Ok! Luigi! U are in Boot camp!
  • End


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Rosalina
  • Thomas
  • The Green ProDuctions
  • Finn
  • Felix the Cat
  • Gumball

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