Luke Narrow Gauge Engine is a Douglas/Sunshine parody series. This is also a Thomas Episodes/Theodore Tugboat parody series.


  • Mr. Conductor as The Harbourmaster
  • Luke as Theodore
  • Toad as Hank
  • Victoria (from RWS) as Emily
  • Duck as George
  • Green Arrow (from RWS) as Foduck
  • Big Bird (from Sesame Street) as The Dispatcher
  • Jack and Alfie as Phillip and Fillmore
  • Rusty as Bedford
  • Flying Scotsman (from RWS) as Owen
  • Ned as Digby
  • Elizabeth as Rebecca
  • Fergus as Shelburne
  • Daisy as Carla
  • Tiger Moth as Guysborough
  • Harvey as Barrington
  • Zoe (from Sesame Street) as Lilly
  • Kevin as Clayton
  • Old Slow Coach as Dorothy
  • Nelson as Baddeck
  • Stafford as Fundy
  • Big City Engine (from RWS) as Oliver
  • Norman as Snorri
  • Diesel 10 as Tex
  • Max as Cabot
  • Trevor as Stewiacke
  • Annie as Pugwash
  • and more


Season 1

  • Luke and the Big Harbour
  • Luke and the Diesel Engine
  • Luke and the Homesick Engine
  • The Dark and Scary Cove
  • Green Arrow the Vigilant
  • Bumper Buddies
  • Different Strokes - Different Engines
  • Toad and the Mermaid
  • True Blue Friends
  • Luke and the Welcome
  • Luke the Vegetable
  • The Day Ice Came to the Harbour
  • Luke's Nightmares
  • Luke's First Pull
  • Luke and the Queen
  • Luke and the Lightship
  • Is Anybody Listening?
  • Duck Buzzes the Dock
  • The Big Harbour Cleanup Contest
  • Best Friends

Season 2

  • Luke's Whistle
  • Duck's Ghost
  • A Whale of an Engine
  • Night Shift
  • Luke Changes Sides
  • The Engine Pledge
  • Emergency
  • Green Arrow Stays Home
  • Luke, the Engine in Charge
  • The Cold Snap
  • Engine of the Year
  • Toad and the Hug
  • Victoria and the Rocket
  • Luke in the Middle
  • Daisy, the Cool Diesel Railcar
  • Norman, the Diesel Engine
  • Luke the Jokester
  • Victoria, the Vigorous
  • Luke's Day Off
  • Green Arrow and the Rainbow

Season 3

  • Toad's New Name
  • All Quiet in the Big Harbour
  • Luke to the Rescue
  • Luke and the Northern Lights
  • Ten Cents is Missing
  • Luke Visits Ceilidh's Cove
  • Victoria Goes Overboard
  • Toad and the Night Light
  • Luke and the Harbour Crane
  • Toad's Wheezy Brakes
  • Victoria's Bruised Buffer
  • Elizabeth and the Big Snore
  • Luke's Big New Friend
  • Duck and the Underwater Mystery
  • A Joke Too Far
  • Grumpy Bi-Plane
  • Luke Hugs the Coast
  • Luke and the Ice Ship
  • Victoria and the Tug of War
  • Toad's Hiccoughs
  • Luke and the Missing Barge
  • Big Harbour Fools Day
  • Luke and the Engine Bully
  • Luke's Birthday Surprise
  • Luke's Backwards Day

Season 4

  • Duck's Turn
  • Flying Scotsman On The Loose
  • Hercules' Stuff
  • Luke and the Lies
  • Ned's Disaster
  • Sunshine Says Goodbye
  • Duck and the Navy Monkey
  • Missy and the Buffers
  • Toad Hurts an Engine
  • Victoria's New Paint
  • Duck and the Funny Noise
  • Luke and the Tough Tugging
  • Luke's New Job
  • Luke's Prize
  • Tiger-Moth's Garbage

Season 5

  • Grampus' Big Share
  • Luke Gets Lost
  • Victoria Drifts Off
  • Victoria and the Sleepover
  • Luke's Bright Night
  • Green Arrow and the Shy Engine
  • Rusty's Big Move
  • Toad and the Sunken Engine
  • Tiger-Moth Makes a Friend
  • Luke and the Unsafe Dump Truck
  • Toad Stays Up Late
  • Luke and the Hunt for Ten Cents
  • Luke's Big Decision
  • Annie is Gone


  1. Luke Narrow Gauge Engine (Douglas/Sunshine Version) VHS Tapes
  2. Luke Narrow Gauge Engine (Douglas/Sunshine Version) DVDs
  3. Luke Narrow Gauge Engine (Douglas/Sunshine Version) Books
  4. Luke Narrow Gauge Engine (Douglas/Sunshine Version) ERTL Toys
  5. Luke Narrow Gauge Engine (Douglas/Sunshine Version) Brio Toys

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