The Powerpuff Girls

If this show was syndicated in the 2005-2006 television season, the listing for this show's days and times would've looked like this:
Nationwide America: Cartoon Network Weekdays 2:00pm
Albany, GA #1: FOX 31 (WFXL) Weekdays 8:30am
Albany, GA #2: IND 35 (WBKL) Weekdays 3:00pm
Albany, NY: CBS 6 (WRGB) Weekdays 3:30pm
Albuquerque, NM: UPN 50 (KASY) Weekdays 3:00pm
Amarillo, TX: FOX 14 (KCIT) Weekdays 8:00am
Anchorage, AK: UPN 5 (KYES) Weekdays 7:30am
Atlanta, GA: UPN 69 (WUPA) Weekdays 7:30am
Augusta, GA: FOX 54 (WFXG) Weekdays 7:00am
Austin, TX: FOX 7 (KTBC) Weeknights 5:00pm
Bakersfield, CA: UPN 45 (KUVI) Weekdays 7:30am
Baltimore, MD: FOX 45 (WBFF) Weekdays 6:30am
Baton Rouge, LA: WB 11 (K11TT) Weekdays 3:00pm
Billings, MT: FOX 4 (KHMT) Weekdays 7:00am
Birmingham, AL: UPN 68 (WABM) Weekdays 7:00am
Boise, ID: FOX 12 (KTRV) Weekdays 6:30am
Boston, MA: WB 56 (WLVI) Weekdays 3:30pm
Bowling Green, KY: NBC 40 (WKNT) Weekdays 7:00am
Bristol, VA: UPN 36 (WAPK) Weeknights 5:00pm
Buffalo, NY #1: ABC 7 (WKBW) Weekdays 4:30pm
Buffalo, NY #2: NBC 2 (WGRZ) Weekdays 2:00pm
Burlington, VT: FOX 44 (WFFF) Weekdays 7:30am
Champaign, IL: FOX 27 (WCCU) Weekdays 8:30am
Charleston, SC: UPN 36 (WMMP) Weekdays 4:00pm
Charlotte, NC: WB 55 (WWWB) Weekdays 4:00pm
Chattanooga, TN: WB 53 (WFLI) Weekdays 3:00pm
Chicago, IL: UPN 50 (WPWR) Weekdays 7:30am
Chico, CA: FOX 30 (KCVU) Weekdays 8:30am
Cincinnati, OH: WB 64 (WSTR) Weekdays 7:30am
Cleveland, OH: WB 55 (WBNX) Weekdays 7:00am
Columbus, GA: FOX 54 (WXTX) Weekdays 6:30am
Columbus, OH: FOX 28 (WTTE) Weekdays 8:00am
Cookeville, TN: i 28 (WNPX) Weekdays 3:30pm
Dayton, OH: WB 26 (WBDT) Weekdays 3:00pm
Denver, CO: UPN 20 (KTVD) Weekdays 7:30am
Detroit, MI: UPN 50 (WKBD) Weekdays 8:00am
Eau Claire, WI: FOX 48 (WEUX) Weekdays 2:30pm
Erie, PA: FOX 66 (WFXP) Weekdays 6:30am
Eugene, OR: UPN 25 (KEVU) Weekdays 8:00am
Eureka, CA #1: FOX 29 (KBVU) Weekdays 8:30am
Eureka, CA #2: CBS 6 (KVIQ) Weekdays 2:30pm
Evansville, IN: WB 19 (WAZE) Weekdays 7:00am
Findlay, OH: UPN 47 (WFND) Weekdays 4:00pm
Florence, SC: UPN 21 (WWMB) Weekdays 3:30pm
Fort Myers, FL: WB 46 (WTVK) Weekdays 7:00am
Fort Smith, AR: FOX 34 (KPBI) Weekdays 7:00am
Fort Wayne, IN: FOX 55 (WFFT) Weekdays 7:00am
Fresno, CA: UPN 53 (KAIL) Weekdays 7:00am
Grand Junction, CO: UPN 27 (KGJT) Weekdays 7:00am
Green Bay, WI: UPN 32 (WACY) Weekdays 8:00am
Greensboro, NC: UPN 48 (WUPN) Weekdays 8:00am
Greenville, NC: FOX 14 (WYDO) Weekdays 2:30pm
Greenville, SC: WB 40 (WBSC) Weekdays 2:30pm
Harrisburg, PA: UPN 15 (WLYH) Weekdays 4:30pm
Hartford, CT: WB 20 (WTXX) Weeknights 5:30pm
Holly Springs, MS: UPN 20 (WBII) Weekdays 3:30pm
Honolulu, HI: WB 5 (KFVE) Weekdays 7:00am
Houston, TX: UPN 20 (KTXH) Weekdays 4:00pm
Indianapolis, IN: WB 4 (WTTV) Weekdays 7:30am
Kansas City, MO: UPN 29 (KCWE) Weekdays 3:30pm
Knoxville, TN: FOX 43 (WTNZ) Weekdays 6:00am
Kokomo, IN: WB 29 (WTTK) Weekdays 7:30am
La Crosse, WI: FOX 25 (WLAX) Weekdays 2:30pm
Lafayette, LA: UPN 62 (KLAF) Weekdays 3:30pm
Lansing, MI: FOX 47 (WSYM) Weekdays 8:00am
Las Vegas, NV: FOX 5 (KVVU) Weekdays 7:30am
Lima, OH: FOX 25 (WOHL) Weekdays 8:30am
Lincoln, NE: NBC 5 (KHAS) Weekdays 3:00pm
Little Rock, AR #1: UPN 38 (KASN) Weekdays 7:00am
Little Rock, AR #2: ABC 7 (KATV) Weekdays 4:00pm
Los Angeles, CA: IND 9 (KCAL) Weekdays 7:00am
Louisville, KY: WB 34 (WBKI) Weekdays 7:00am
Madison, WI: FOX 47 (WMSN) Weekdays 7:00am
Memphis, TN: UPN 30 (WLMT) Weekdays 4:00pm
Miami, FL: UPN 33 (WBFS) Weekdays 7:00am
Milwaukee, WI: UPN 24 (WCGV) Weekdays 7:30am
Minneapolis, MN: FOX 9 (KMSP) Weekdays 7:30am
Montgomery, AL: UPN 64 (WAXC) Weekdays 3:30pm
Morehead City, NC: FOX 8 (WFXI) Weekdays 2:30pm
Morgan City, LA: WB 39 (KWBJ) Weekdays 3:30pm
Nashville, TN: WB 58 (WNAB) Weekdays 3:00pm
New Orleans, LA: UPN 54 (WUPL) Weekdays 7:00am
New York, NY: WB 11 (WPIX) Weekdays 7:00am
Norfolk, VA: FOX 43 (WVBT) Weekdays 4:00pm
North Platte, NE: FOX 11 (KIIT) Weekdays 6:00am
Odessa, TX: FOX 24 (KPEJ) Weekdays 6:00am
Oklahoma City, OK: WB 34 (KOCB) Weekdays 7:00am
Omaha, NE: FOX 42 (KPTM) Weekdays 5:30am
Orlando, FL: WB 18 (WKCF) Weekdays 3:30pm
Panama City, FL: FOX 28 (WPGX) Weekdays 3:00pm
Philadelphia, PA: WB 17 (WPHL) Weekdays 7:00am
Phoenix, AZ: UPN 45 (KUTP) Weekdays 7:00am
Pittsburgh, PA #1: UPN 19 (WNPA) Weekdays 4:00pm
Pittsburgh, PA #2: FOX 53 (WPGH) Weekdays 7:30am
Portland, ME: FOX 23 (WPFO) Weekdays 7:00am
Portland, OR: WB 32 (KWBP) Weekdays 3:30pm
Providence, RI: FOX 64 (WNAC) Weekdays 5:30am
Raleigh, NC: FOX 50 (WRAZ) Weekdays 4:30pm
Reno, NV: UPN 21 (KAME) Weekdays 8:00am
Richmond, VA: UPN 65 (WUPV) Weekdays 4:00pm
Roanoke, VA: IND 24 (WDRL) Weekdays 2:30pm
Rochester, NY: WB 16 (WRWB) Weekdays 3:30pm
St. Louis, MO: WB 11 (KPLR) Weekdays 8:00am
Salt Lake City, UT: IND 14 (KJZZ) Weekdays 7:30am
San Antonio, TX: WB 35 (KRRT) Weekdays 6:30am
San Francisco, CA: UPN 44 (KBHK) Weekdays 3:00pm
Santa Rosa, CA: IND 50 (KFTY) Weekdays 7:00am
Savannah, GA: UPN 34 (WGSA) Weekdays 3:30pm
Seattle, WA: WB 22 (KTWB) Weekdays 8:00am
Shreveport, LA: WB 45 (KSHV) Weekdays 7:00am
Spokane, WA: NBC 6 (KHQ) Weekdays 2:30pm
Springfield, IL: FOX 55 (WRSP) Weekdays 7:00am
Springfield, MO: UPN 15 (KOJQ) Weeknights 5:00pm
Syracuse, NY: WB 43 (WNYS) Weekdays 7:00am
Tallahassee, FL: FOX 49 (WTLH) Weekdays 5:30am
Tampa, FL: UPN 44 (WTOG) Weekdays 8:00am
Terre Haute, IN: FOX 38 (WBAK) Weekdays 7:00am
Toledo, OH: WB 5 (ToledoVision 5) Weekdays 3:00pm
Topeka, KS: FOX 6 (KTMJ) Weekdays 2:00pm
Tucson, AZ: FOX 11 (KMSB) Weekdays 6:00am
Tulsa, OK: FOX 23 (KOKI) Weekdays 7:00am
Tyler, TX: FOX 51 (KFXK) Weekdays 6:30am
Utica, NY: UPN 53 (WPNY) Weekdays 8:00am
Ventura, CA: WB 57 (KSTV) Weekdays 3:30pm
Washington, DC: WB 50 (WBDC) Weekdays 3:30pm
Wausau, WI: NBC 12 (WJFW) Weekdays 3:30pm
West Palm Beach, FL: UPN 34 (WTVX) Weekdays 3:00pm
Wichita, KS: IND 55 (KCTU) Weekdays 4:00pm
Wichita Falls, TX: UPN 35 (KJBO) Weekdays 7:00am

The What-A-Cartoon! Show

If this show was syndicated in the 1998-1999 television season, the listing for this show's days and times would've looked like this:
Nationwide America: Cartoon Network Thursdays 8:00 pm and Fridays 9:30 pm
Albany, NY: FOX 23 (WXXA) Saturdays 6:00 am
Atlanta, GA: UPN 69 (WUPA) Saturdays 9:00 am
Austin, TX: WB 54 (KNVA) Fridays 6:00 am
Baltimore, MD: WB 54 (WNUV) Saturdays 8:00 am
Baton Rouge, LA: FOX 44 (WGMB) Saturdays 6:00 am
Boston, MA: WB 56 (WLVI) Sundays 9:30 am
Bristol, VA: FOX 39 (WEMT) Sundays 7:00 am
Charleston, SC: FOX 24 (WTAT) Saturdays 6:30am
Charlotte, NC: WB 55 (WFVT) Sundays 7:30am
Chattanooga, TN: FOX 61 (WDSI) Saturdays 7:30 am
Chicago, IL: UPN 50 (WPWR) Saturdays 7:30 am
Cleveland, OH: WB 55 (WBNX) Sundays 7:30 am
Columbia, SC: FOX 57 (WACH) Fridays 6:30 am
Columbus, OH: FOX 28 (WTTE) Saturdays 5:30 am
Dallas, TX: UPN 21 (KTXA) Sundays 9:30 am

Denver, CO: FOX 31 (KDVR) Sundays 7:30am

Detroit, MI: WB 20 (WDWB) Sundays 11:00 am
Fort Myers, FL: FOX 36 (WFTX) Saturdays 6:30 am
Grand Rapids, MI: FOX 17 (WXMI) Saturdays 7:00 am
Greensboro, NC: UPN 48 (WUPN) Saturdays 8:30 am
Greenville, SC: WFBC-TV 40 - Saturdays 8:30 am
Harrisburg, PA: UPN 15 (WLYH) Saturdays 9:30 am
Hartford, CT: FOX 61 (WTIC) Sundays 6:30 am
Houston, TX: WB 39 (KHTV) Saturdays 7:00 am
Huntsville, AL: FOX 54 (WZDX) Sundays 6:00 am
Indianapolis, IN: FOX 59 (WXIN) Saturdays 6:30 am
Las Vegas, NV: WB 21 (KVWB) Sundays 6:30 am
Los Angeles, CA: KCAL-TV 9 Saturdays 7:00 am

Louisville, KY: UPN 58 (WFTE) Sundays 1:00pm
Miami, FL: WB 39 (WBZL) Saturdays 7:00 am
Milwaukee, WI: WB 18 (WVTV) Sundays 6:30 am
Minneapolis, MN: UPN 9 (KMSP) Saturdays 6:30 am
New Orleans, LA: UPN 54 (WUPL) Sundays 6:30 am
New York, NY: WB 11 (WPIX) Sundays 8:30 am
Oklahoma City, OK: WB 34 (KOCB) Sundays 9:30 am
Orlando, FL: WB 18 (WKCF) Sundays 7:30 am
Philadelphia, PA: WB 17 (WPHL) Sundays 9:30 am
Phoenix, AZ: UPN 45 (KUTP) Saturdays 11:00 am
Pittsburgh, PA: WB 22 (WCWB) Saturdays 6:00 am
Portland, ME: FOX 51 (WPXT) Saturdays 7:30 am
Portland, OR: FOX 49 (KPDX) Fridays 6:00 am
Providence, RI: FOX 64 (WNAC) Saturdays 6:30 am
Raleigh, NC: WB 22 (WLFL) Saturdays 7:30 am
Sacramento, CA: WB 58 (KQCA) Sundays 8:00 am
Salt Lake City, UT: UPN 14 (KJZZ) Sundays 7:00 am
San Antonio, TX: WB 35 (KRRT) Saturdays 7:30 am
San Diego, CA: WB 69 (KSWB) Fridays 6:00 am
San Francisco, CA: WB 20 (KBWB) Sundays 10:00 am
Seattle, WA: WB 22 (KTZZ) Sundays 10:00 am
Tampa, FL: WTTA 38 - Saturdays 7:30 am
Toledo, OH: WB 5 (ToledoVision 5) Thursdays 7:30 am
Tulsa, OK: UPN 41 (KTFO) Sundays 11:00 am
Washington, DC: UPN 20 (WDCA) Saturdays 8:00 am

Wilkes-Barre, PA: WB 38 (WSWB) ???

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