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Writer's Guide

Character name: Luke


Luke is your average Hylian youth of about ten years of age. He is short, has blonde hair, blue eyes and pointed ears. He wears a green Kokiri cap and tunic, the latter of which reaches down long enough for him not to wear pants. He wears a pair of Kokiri shorts, which normally are hidden beneath the tunic, and brown Kokiri boots.

Luke is almost never seen without his Kokiri Sword and Hero's Shield, either strapped to his back or weilded in battle.


Luke dislikes using Pokemon. He believes any battle worth fighting is worth fighting hand-to-hand. Having met and defeated such monsters as Queen Mohgma, Ganoon, Idolwa and the Majira, there are very few Pokemon that Luke wouldn't mind matching steel with. With the right equipment, Luke could beat anything.


None. See above.


Luke used to be the only Kokiri in the forest without a fairy. That is, until the great Deku tree summoned him to combat a great evil. During the course of an epic adventure, Luke learned of origins as a Hylian child and his destiny to be the Hero of Time. Using the Master Sword and the Ocarina of Time, he traveled through time and defeated the evil King Ganoondorf. Afterwards, he returned to his own time but his adventures did not stop there.

A few months later his horse, Eponyta, was stolen by a Skullkid possessed by the Majira's Mask. He chased down the theif only to find himself trapped in a world where there exists masks that can transform people in other creatures and an evil-looking moon threatens to crash into the world in three days. In those three days, which he repeated several times, he saved that world and returned to his own...

... or so he thought...

Soon after entering the Pokemon World, Luke was attacked by a man from Team Rocket who stole most of his stuff, including most of his masks, slapped the Deku mask on Luke and tossed him into a river. As we all know, Dekus can't swim and Luke would've drowned if it weren't for Yolei.


  • Deku Sword
  • Hero's Shield
  • Ocarina - A musical instrument that has certain magical effects when the right song is played
  • Deku Mask - Turns Luke into a Deku, a short, plant creature that walks around and spits bubbles. Most items except Deku Nuts are not usable in this form.
  • Deku nuts - Emits a bright flash when struck that stuns enemies.


Objective: To find a way home and/or recover his stuff, especially the transforming masks.

Allies: Indi the fairy, Yolei and her Pokemon

Enemies: Team Rocket

Other notes: Luke is accompanied by Indi the fairy. Indi flies around a lot, taking close looks at various stuff and sometimes drawing Link's attention to them. Her voice is too high for anyone but Luke to hear audibly.

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