Luke was one of the 6 and co-founder and leader of the Yodasists.

Early Life

Luke came to Yodaville mysteriously, like all of the 6. After the schism of 6, Luke helped form the Yodasists. He participated in some of the early skirmishes and was the brains behind the attack whilst Blue Faction as weak.


Like his Yodasist friends, Luke was taken to the Happy Camps, where he stayed for a long time. However shortly before the schism of the empire, Luke vanished from the camp. The Emperor, intruiged, organised a hunt for Luke but it ended in failure.

The Prophet

Many years later, during the time of Luliya, a mysterious prophet appeared in the hill district. The Emperor, still in hiding, consulted the Prophet under a false identity, however its said the prophet saw right through it. The Emperor invited the prophet back to The Y'ns installation, where he was bound and tortured. The prophet did not make a sound and dissapeared the same way as Luke. This was all the proof the Emperor needed. The Emperor then set off outside Yodaville to hunt Luke.

Nothing is known of what happened outside Yodaville. All that is know is The Emperor returned with the ability to dissapear in the same way.

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