Earth's moon (Luna) is politically divided between the Imperium of the Terran Throne, the Lunar Democratic Republic, the human-supremacist Lunar Human Alliance, and the A.I. machine-supremacist Lunar Cyber-Nation. The Luna Province of the Imperium (see Government of Imperium of the Terran Throne) has the usual four governors, but is aided by a local provincial Assembly which is appointed rather than elected and is purely advisory rather than legislative in authority, but it has equal representation for humans, chimeras (animal-human hybrid clones), and intelligent robots and computers. The Luna Province is located mainly on the near side (facing Earth) of Luna, though some Imperial territory approachs the far side (away from Earth).

The Lunar Democratic Republic is governed by an elected Senate with equal representation for humans, chimeras, and A.I. machines. It is mainly on Luna's near side.

The Lunar Human Alliance is governed by an oligarchial government elected only by humans and even then only by wealthy citizens. It is mainly on Luna's far side.

The Lunar Cyber-Nation is governed by robots and computers with A.I., and all laws are voted upon by the A.I. personalities is a direct vote, but the day-to-day affairs of the Cyber-Nation is in the hands of a stationary, A.I. computer known as the Prime Governing Intelligence. The Cyber-Nation is located on both sides (near and far) of Luna.

In military conflicts, they are typically three-way affairs pitting an Imperium-Democratic Republic coalition vs. the Cyber-Nation vs. Human Alliance.

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