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Lunara is a vast world, that is composed of a large, diverse population. The main power of this land has been a guild called the "Liches of Archinare". Throughout it's history countless wars have been fought and lives spent in the name of changing or preserving this status. Many guilds were also created to keep peace in Lunara. Lunara is a diverse server, with large populations of Spanish, Polish, Brazilian, and Swedish players.


Main article: Lunaran guilds

Guilds on Lunara have largely governed the server's political climate, as opposed to power structures founded on alliances as is the case on Antica. Some guilds exist solely for community and friendship, others exist to promote powergaming, some offer services to the community, and still others only seek political power. However, most guilds perform a combination of those. Guilds often recruit only members of the same nationality, speakers of the same language, or exclude low levels.


The population of Lunara is mainly made up of Brazilian, Swedish and Polish players. However, some Americans, Canadians, English and Netherlands have been spotted. This wide-ranging racial build-up is one of many things that Lunsoc embraces as it strives to make Lunara a more tolerant society.


It is completely untrue that any form of politics exists on Lunara. This myth was entirely fabricated by Subtlechaos so that he could feel more important.

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