The prices of items on Lunara is a subject of great controversy. Some believe that there should be a set price list that all Lunarans abide by, but most sell based on djinn prices. Since the implementation of update 7.55, which made spell runes available in magic stores, and update 7.3, which allowed semi-rares to be sold to Djinns upon the completion of a quest, the economy has been more set in place. These updates effectively ended the radical fluctuations in prices that were once common of Tibia servers.


This is the pricelist written by Xadam on the Lunaran forums. It is not an enforced list, but suggested based on market trends. Many Lunarans use it as a basis for their transactions.

Crown Helmet 2.5k - 3k
Devil Helmet 2k
Warrior Helmet 5k - 6k
Crusader Helmet 6k - 7k
Royal Helmet 30k - 34k
Skull Helmet 60k - 70k
Demon Helmet 180k - 230k
Helmet of the Ancients 180k 230k

Armors Plate Armor 400gp - 650gp
Noble Armor 1k - 1.5k
Blue Robe 12k - 13k
Knight Armor 5k - 6k
Crown Armor 13k - 14k
Golden Armor 22k - 26k
Dragon Scale Mail 45k - 50k
Magic Plate Armor 450k - 500k

Plate Legs 400gp - 600gp
Knight Legs 6k - 7k
Crown Legs 13k - 15k
Golden Legs 140k - 150k

Boots of Haste 30k - 35k
Steel Boots 25k - 30k
Pirate Boots 20k - 30k

Beholder Shield 1k - 1.5k
Guardian Shield 2k - 2.5k
Dragon Shield 4k - 6k
Crown Shield 8k - 9k
Tower Shield 8k
Medusa Shield 8k - 9k
Vampire Shield 15k - 17k
Demon Shield 28k - 30k
Mastermind Shield 130k - 140k


Spikesword 1k
Fire Sword 5k - 6k
Brightsword 8k - 10k
Giantsword 17k - 18k
Ice Rapier 2k - 3k
Sword of Valor 1100k - 1300k

Knight Axe 2k - 2.5k
Naginata 3k ?
Fireaxe 8k - 9k
Guardian Halberd 6k - 8k
Dragon Lance 12k ?
Stonecutter Axe 1100k - 1300k

Club Dragon Hammer 2k - 2.5k
Warhammer 1.2k - 1.5k
Skullstaff 6k - 7k
Arcane Staff 1000k-1300k

Wands Wand of Dragonbreath 700gp - 1k
Wand of Plague 2k - 3k
Wand of Cosmic Energy 2k - 3k
Wand of Inferno 3k - 5k

Rods Moonlight Rod 700gp - 1k
Volcanic Rod 2k - 3k
Quagmire Rod 3k - 4k
Tempest Rod 7k - 10k

Platinum Amulet 2.5k - 4k
Pirate Shirt 10k~
Pirate breeches 2k~
Pirate hat 10k~
Turtle Shield 1k~
Dice 1k - 2k
Pirate backpack 2k - 3k
Pirate bag 500gp~

Runes per bp
UH 2.5k - 3k
HMM 1.3k - 2k
Explo 3.5k - 4.5k
GFB 2.3k - 2.9k
SD 5k - 6k

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