The Lunaran forum is the messageboard used by inhabitants of Lunara, that is occasionally used by the inhabitants of other servers as well. Discussion must be in English, though what exactly constitutes English remains to be defined. A vast population of Lunaran forum posters are lower leveled characters who engage in flaming and trolling.

As a means to organize

The Lunaran forums have been used to organize hunts, quests, recruit for guilds, and even general meetings of concerned members of the community. The forums have been less useful however for those recruiting for newly started guilds. Generally, threads begun by characters whose names are more familiar to the community are far more likely to receive a response, especially when the poster is higher leveled. Likewise, lower leveled characters who are not so well known among the community are also less likely to draw attention to their threads.

As a means to promote awareness

The forums have been used by those discontent with the political or economic situation, and the powerabused and disenfranchised to draw support to their cause. Because of the vast population of lower leveled flame characters, and the fact that the Tibia forums wisely conceal one's IP when one makes a post, players often make multiple posts using different characters that convey a similar opinion to make it seem as though they have more support. Persons criticized on the forums for their treatment of a person often see the person complaining as slandering him, and will often therefore feel justified in killing the offender or imposing harsher penalties on the person who was originally abused. Arguments and truth are typically decided by the player who has the political power to end the discussion forcefully or by means of threats rather than through use of actual logic. Also, because of the fragmented political situation on Lunara, it is very difficult to acheive widespread concensus.

As a means to engage in senseless drivel


Other uses

Nothing else really except for lvl 100, 150 and 200 congratulations threads where the title of the thread often makes no actual reference to the content in an attempt to garner more views in an effort to make the person receiving the congratulations feel special. However it is often frowned upon and usually results in the poster being insulted by many low level flame characters.

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