Liches of Archinare

The guild icon of the Liches of Archinare.

Guilds on Lunara have largely governed the server's political climate. Different guilds have different purposes. For instance, some exist solely for community and friendship, others exist to promote powergaming, some offer services to the community, and still others only seek political power. However, most guilds perform a combination of those. Guilds often recruit only members of the same nationality, speakers of the same language, or exclude low levels.

Most Lunarans recognize the Liches of Archinare as the most influential guild on the server. New guilds are constantly in formation. Many new guilds often fall apart due to lack of activity or relationships between members.

If you do not see your guild listed here, please feel free to add it (in alphabetical order) in the same format as the other guilds are, with the three equal signs around the name and a link to the main article where you can write more. You can also add a guild here that no longer exists.


The Akatsuki is led by Akunai. Their name was inspired from the anime show Naruto.


Main article: Anomaly

Anomaly is by far one of the oldest guilds around on Lunara. It has been disbanded once and has been refounded but neverthelessly has held the same guild leader, though in different characters. Anomaly is known to be a friendly guild who will do whatever necessary to protect their members and will do their best to help the friends in need. They are great friends with the Griffons. They were a member of the pentragon coalition which sought to destroy Reverto Vox and restore LoA to their throne, along with many of the main guilds on lunara. They were initially not expected to join the war after an Anomaly vice: Shadow Achilles oxide joined rv, however chose to join eventually under the lead of the LoA supporting Eleanor Vardamir. Unfortunately the war was one sided and before long many Anomaly members once considered loyal paid for their freedom. Anomaly went into freefall soon after with many members leaving due to the inactivity of the leadership, many of them joining a new guild: Party Fever.

Ascension of Lyceum

Main article: Ascension of Lyceum

The Ascension of Lyceum is a 'rebirth' of the acclaimed guild 'Academy of Lyceum', a guild consisting mostly of American players although not necessarily biased on any certain nationality.

Azure Twilight

Main article: Azure Twilight

On March 15, 2005, Feymain founded the Azure Twilight. Azure Twilight members generally exclude themselves from Lunaran politics, otherwise they run the risk of being kicked. The main language of this guild is English. Though the main language spoken is English this guild is racially diverse. As well all the members are over the age of 17 except for their loved baby Druid Ritz.


Main article: Conlegium

Conlegium was a guild formed during the summer of 2006. Conlegium is Latin for people uniting as colleagues, and was named as such because the guild was formed from two older guilds, Core and Monarch, after the defeat of Ortus Valeo with the help of Liches of Archinare.

Deruo Amplus Veneficium

Main article: Deruo Amplus Veneficium

From the Latin 'to cast great magic', they entered into this realm as a group of friends on Oct 18 2004, which makes them one of the oldest guilds on Lunara. The founder of the guild is Lynxzappa, whose views shaped the Deruo Amplus Veneficium (DAV) into what it is today; friendly, peaceful and respectful. DAV's history consists of nothing but respect and peace. However, in 2007 when Lunara was faced with a world war (LOA vs. RV), they decided to break its long time peace and join the pentragon coalition which sought to destroy Reverto Vox and restore peace to Lunara. Currently led by Rodrigo Faria. Former leaders consist of Lynxzappa, Demetra, Rsunla, and Czuber.

Dragon Order

Main article: Dragon Order

The Dragon Order is the largest Croatian guild on Lunara. It is led by Misster Chaos. Despite accusations of conspiracy to establish a racially homogenous Lunara, Dragon Order remains in good standing with the Lunaran community.

End of Time

Main article: End of Time

The End of Time was founded by Lord Slash for community, fun and friendship. It recently disbanded due to inactivity.


Main article: Griffons

Griffons is an older Lunaran guild formed by old members of the Ternion Verity, the fusion of the three guilds, Ark, Aiel People, and Pendelhaven. It is a pacifistic guild that always attempts to settle differences without violence if at all possible. Their home is Cormaya, where they own the only guildhall, and approximately 90% of the houses. They are attempting to purchase the rest so that they may have unargued dominance over this small island.

Insolitus Metus

Main article: Insolitus Metus

This guild was founded by Kattie Kirimia after leaving Soul Revants because of a dispute with the leader. This guild is mostly formed by loyal friends who have been together since the beginning, and it continues to grow as time passes. This guild has been in a good amount of wars due to many lunarans' dislike of Kattie Kirimia; and though they haven't lost one yet, they are currently engaged in conflict with a guild called Rivendell, which appears to be much stronger than the previous ones.


Main article: Kensai

Kensai is a band of good friends who base thier guild upon friendship and not power. As the Leader of Kensai, Alexei Levi, I have come to Adapt many ways of which Shaolin have based thier guild. I have always liked the way they have ran it and hope to be able to gain as much respect as what they have, by being respectable people of Lunara. Kensai has had a few Leaders who have tryed to push them up into the Greats of Lunara. We also support Lunsoc in some of thier Democratic Views but not everything. Kensai is Always looking for new people to join our Family. We back down from big challenges but we do fight when it comes to killing a guild of lower levels than ours.

Knights of the Round

Main article: Knights of the Round

Knights of the Round was established in September of 2006 by Cloud Stryphe and Diavolo Nero. The guild was established in hopes to promote respect for others as well as gernosity and rational but fair actions. The guild consists of all nationalities including America, Brasilian, Spanish, Chilean, Italian, Swedish and Australian. The name confuses many players who assume that the guild is for Knights only but all vocations are welcome. Cloud and Nero pwn.

La Comunidad

Main article: La Comunidad

La Comunidad is a generic Spanish guild. La Comunidad got disbanded due to losing a war against The Insolitus Metus.

Liches of Archinare

Main article: Liches of Archinare

The Liches of Archinare is almost unanimously regarded as the most influential guild on Lunara. They have been around since the beginning of Lunara but their reign ended in 2007 when they lost the war against RV. The Liches of Archinare were foced to disband, which marked a new beginning on Lunara.


Main article: Lunsoc

Lunsoc is a guild whose goal is to establish a free and egalitarian Lunara that respects civil rights and the well being of all Lunarans. Lunsoc remains strong because of its devotion to the community. Lunsoc presently owns three guildhalls, the Golden Axe Guildhall, the Mountain Hideout in Liberty Bay, and the Nordic Stronghold. These are its homes, where one is likely to see its revolutionary members planning to improve community life.

Mexico Army

Main article: Mexico Army

The Mexico Army is a large guild that's made out of Mexican players bent on world domination.


Main article: Monarch

Monarch is a generic Polish guild. It has survived a large amount of wars and it is still standing.

Monarch is still standing, but after losing a war, leadership decide to disbaned it. Many old members decided to form a new guild... today called Hybrid.

Orichai Devir

Main article: Orchai Devir

The Orichai Devir was formed by Dorien and Drax Atharil. Orichai Devir is a guild to remember. They have had a huge impact on lunara. They have fought many wars , including Ray Earth/Arae Mortis vs. Orichai Devir. This war was very vast and intense although the verdict wasn't clear from the begining, Orichai Devir was getting down in every battle, but the deciding battle led them to the victory with the significant help of Liches of Archinare. Monarch vs. Orichai Devir, also a very interesting war which really had no major points, other then feud between members of both guilds. Orichai had this war on a leesh, They could had won easily, but many members realized that the proud guild of Monarch did not deserve to be in this war, the verdict was a treaty. Both guilds did the peace treaty and once again Lunara was at peace.

You can still see, Orichai Devir Ex-members in many guilds of lunara. Many Ex-members remained strong and firm.

Ortus Valeo

Main article: Ortus Valeo

The Ortus Valeo was a guild created by ex-Orchai Devir members. They were led by Shiver, and fought a series of wars against Monarch, Core, and the Liches of Archinare. They were winning the war against Monarch and Core until the Liches interfered and made OV disband. After that, the members of OV got split into different crews.


Main article: Shaolin

Shaolin is one of the most historic guilds on Lunara, only surpassed by the Liches of Archinare, although in the background for much of the time on Lunara, it has forever held up its peacefull ways, and adhered to its sacred rules of the "Shaolin", a traditional Chinese way of life. Currently the guild being run by Zippora-Pandoraphina, who is a member of the Dutch Socialist Party.

White Archangels

Main article: White Archangels

A few years ago this guild was formed by a group of friends. Most of the founders are gone, but the spirit of friendship and peace lives on forever. Recruitment closed. The guild was founded on Lunara on Nov 26 2004.

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