Lunatic121, or Loon, Looney, or Lunatic the 121st, is a Fictorian Ninja (a Fictorian with ninja abilities). When he arrived on Earth to accompany Dimensiondude and TLSoulDude, TL originally wondered if it was cosmic punishment, though he could have just been pretending. Lunatic was soon trained by Airnaruto45 and Nukid (temporarily).


Lunatic121 is obnoxious, playful, mischeivous, adventurous, and out-going. He originally drove everyone nuts with his hyperactivity and near insanity. However, he couldn't entirely control his chakra, so he asked Airnaruto to train him. This proves that he isn't above asking for help. Lunatic is also a bit scrappy, hence his response to Roscoso's challenge. He lost the first time, because he didn't strategize and relied on physical strength. The second time, he managed to beat Rosocoso...barely. He played a role in the first defeat of Anti-TLSoulDude. Lunatic is generally described as the most foul-mouthed out of Team Fictor (though they say that, out of the group, it's really Dimensiondude). He loathes romance, screaming "GET A ROOM!" whenever a romantic scene begins.


Lunatic121 is pretty hard for anyone to get along with, but his brothers still care for him, seeing as he's part of their family. Lunatic's friends include...

  • Airnaruto45-Airnaruto trained Lunatic for many years, teaching Lunatic the Rasengan and Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu. He also taught Lunatic how to be patient and honorable.
  • Roscoso-The two are rivals, but only in a friendly way. He's constantly trying to out-do Lunatic in their fights, if not push him to do his best.
  • Wildrook-Both are in a comical rivalry to see who's more insane. It's more of a friendly competition than anything else.
  • Agent Liberi-The two share similar beliefs in both the world and Christianity. When they're in a debate together, few can match them.
  • Kitten-Hachi-Chan- She loves Lunatic, although he doesn't realize it for a long time.


Lunatic has some sort of three-pointed star on his right palm. Nobody has any idea what it is, or what it supposed to be for. It will be explained on 'The Face of INSANITY'.

Lunatic has half the usual amount of Imagination River than the usual Fictorian, so he can't use it to give him powers like TL or D-Dude. However, he is a Fictorian Ninja, which means he can use his Imagination River Energy to produce chakra.

Lunatic has a pair of chakram that he claims were given to him by the Nobody, Axel, before his untimely death.

Lunatic can perform Rasengan, because Airnaruto taught it to him. He also knows the Fireball Jutsu for some reason (it could be due to the fact that Dimensiondude and Sasuke were friends at one point).

Lunatic can perform the Fictorian Summoning Jutsu. Unfortunately, he signed the Comic Relief Scroll, which means only goofy characters (like Spongebob Squarepants) come to his aid.

Lunatic is the only member of Team Fictor who can control a Second-State Ultima Form. TL and D-Dude lose their minds when they do it. Lunatic has much better control when he's in this form.

He refers to his Second-State Ultima as 'Blaze Vein' because chakra becomes fire that he can shoot. In that form, he's voiced by Steve Blum.

Lunatic's chakra type is fire. Something that annoys Airnaruto, who often says, "It HAS to be the chakra type I'm not good with..."

During the Jack Of Blades arc, Lunatic helped create the motor-vehicle, Dark Ressurection, to aid X Prodigy in the fight in the Demon World. He also helped his brothers create the first Hybrid Devil Arm known as Genesis, a sword forged from imagination river and demon essence. The weapons is unique as X and the Fictor Brothers can harness it's power, each user gaining different powers. They all share one unique ability, and that is the power of Ultima Devil Trigger, a fusion of the original Devil Trigger and Ultima Forms. Loony's form gives him great physical strength and speed, but his insanity is boosted tenfold, plus the urge to river-dance is almost over-powering.


  • "IT'S MY LIFE!"
  • "Well, that explains the SasuHina pairing..." (last line in the TL Chronicle)
  • "I mean, WHY did they kill off Axel?! He was AWESOME! He had it all! A good voice actor, a cool personality...(Ended by D-dude hitting him with his tail.)
  • "I used to have a tail. A bump on my butt's all that's left."
  • "THAT'LL teach ya to mess with Lunatic the 121st, Great Ninja in training!"
  • "Maybe tying that kid's lip's in a knot will make me feel better? (ties Luffy's lips in a knot) Nope, it didn't."
  • "That's so pathetic, it's not even funny."
  • "Whoa. Talk about pinky-power." (about Nukid's Shigan)
  • "What the Heck-in-a-Hamsterball is that fog?"
  • " Drake, I'm giving you the same thing I won't let ya take: EVERYTHING!"

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