The Luyten 726-8 star system is composed of double red dwarf stars while the Sirius system is composed of a white regular main sequence star and a white dwarf star companion. Both systems are between eight and nine light years from Earth's solar system. The Luyten 726-8 system has only a few planets and slightly more moons and no asteroid belt or Kuiper Belt. The native Luyten population is mainly that of A.I. robots governed by an A.I. ruler existing as a stationary computer network stationed under the surface of an airless moon of the system's only gas giant planet. Occasionally robot explorers from the Luyten system contact the Empire of the Solar Throne and other foreign powers in order to gather knowledge about the greater universe. The main thing orbiting the two stars in the Sirius system is the Kuiper Belt which starts about 27 AU from the two stars. There are politically independent mining colonies in the Sirius Kuiper Belt (mostly animal-human hybrids with a few humans) that search the ice-and-rock asteroids and icy comets for water, metals, and minerals that are given to merchants from other star systems (traveling via time-dilation-drive-equipped starships), including from the Empire of the Solar Throne. Robots and computers are used in the Sirius system, but they almost always lack true intelligence, so an A.I. machine will bring curious or hostile encounters from a Sirius native.

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