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This Wikia is all about my fantasy and Sci-Fi novel, called Lycanthropia. I have been working on this novel for about 10 years now, and I feel that it is time to show it to the public.

The Story

This story can be divided into two seperate parts. The actual present storyline and the prequel storyline, illustrating some of the past events which lie before the present story.

The Prequel

The story takes place in a future-like country, known as Jûhendal. A sudden outbreak of a mysterious disease, caused those infected to turn into monsters, resembling the mythological werewolf. These beasts furiously attacked everyone within sight with inhuman strenght and brutality, spreading the disease with every scratch and bite. This lead to a treacherous quarantine of the entire country, initiated by the surrounding countries which had despised Jûhendal for a long time, because of their past popularity. So the kingdom of Jûhendal was imprisoned within a giant forcefield, created through the combination of every neighboring countries most advanced technology.

The war between the accursed and the civilized waged on, and despite the technical advantage of the civilized side, the brute strength, toughness and sheer numbers of the beasts gave them the edge in the battle. Furthermore, the fact that the werebeasts multiplied their quantity with an amazing pace, the civilized side approached defeat. As a last stand, the civilized side launched a full scale attack with everything they got, at this point only seeking to reclaim a little bit of freedom as the result of their effort. Additionally, the 4 strongest warriors of Jûhendal, known as "The 4 Soul Knights", were sent deeply into enemy territory, which at this point was more than half of the countries western part. They were to find and eliminate the unknown source of the epidemic outbreak, in the hope that is would reverse or at least halt the present spread. In the meantime, the werebeasts were pushed back long enough, for a giant wall to be build, dividing the entire country right through the middle.

Approximarily 1 year after the completion of the wall, 1 of the soul knights suddenly returned to the king. He did not bring comforting news though, reporting that his comrades had fallen in battle with, what appeared to be, the leader of the monster army. They did not accomplish what they were sent to do, and so the people took the title of soul knight away from this man. No one knew that one more soul knight actually survived as well. This man also made it back to the other side of the wall, but chose to keep his identity secret.

On his journey to freedom, he discoved a secret race, known as the lycanthropes. This race were the true image of the fabled story about the shape-shifting werewolf. They were a calm and peaceful race, only comparable with the savage werebeasts because of the wolf-like appearance. The lycanthropes were capable of transforming into both a humanoid, hybrid and animal form. In exchange for keeping their existence secret, they helped him under the wall. However, a female lycanthrope fell in love with him in the process, resulting in her leaving the tribe with him, becomming an outcast by choice. According to the rules and traditions of the tribe, she were to never return, speak or even think of her tribe ever again, forced to stay in her humanoid form for the rest of her life. The soul knight and the female lycanthrope settled down in a small and quiet village near the wall they had passed under.

The name of this soul knight was Aiden Gautama, and together with the lycanthrope woman, by the name of Finlia Granth, they had a child, which they named Ryuu Gautama. This boy child is to become the main character of the story in present time. As Ryuu grew up, he got bullied a lot because of his extremely passive personality. This all happened in spite of the fact that Ryuu had been taught the essence of self defense by his father. Then one day, a horrifying incident occured in the little village. It was attacked by a pack of werebeasts, killing Finlia and injuring Ryuu, before Aiden had the opportunity to kill the leader of the pack who had done this to his family and the village as a whole. As the rest of the pack witnessed the power of this former soul knight, they fled in terror. The giant flesh wound on Ryuu's back immidiately caught the attention of the villagers who survived the slaughter. They feared that he would turn into a monster himself, but his father stood by his side and claimed that his son would surely resist the disease by all means. Time went on and the tension and scepticism of the villagers slowly faded away, as no effects were to see on the boy.

Approximarily 4 years after the village slaughter, on a lonely cloudless night, the unavoidable happened. Without noticing it, Ryuu transformed into a dreadful werewolf with only one word echoing in it's mind. "Kill"! On one single night, he wiped out the entire village, including his own father, who was incapable of killing his own son. Aiden chose to pay the price for the many lives taken by his own kin, because of his own naivety. Turning back to his former self and regaining consciousness, lying in his bed, covered in fresh blood. At first, Ryuu thought that the blood was his own, rushing out of the bed in panic, but quickly realizing that he was completely unhurt. At this point, the brutal reality bursted inside his head. Tears suddenly fell down his cheeks, as he runs through the house, searching for his dad, finding him lying heavily injured on the street outside, together with most of the village people, who had been dragged out under the clear moonshine, indicated by the many trails of blood drawn to the corpses. Ryuu's entire body went numb out of this intense shock. Then he heard his dad coughing up blood all of a sudden. Rushing to his side, deeply reliefed that he wasn't dead, he managed to hear his father's last words of guidance, empathy, and most importantly, the truth about his prior identity. Ryuu was told where to go to find the answers he seeked, but he didn't care at this moment. He sat on his knees beside his father, as he drew his last breath, speaking his final words: "You are... not to blame. Remember... I am already reborn... within you".

The Present Story

The main character, Ryuu, sets out to unravel the mystery of the werebeasts, to solve the reason behind his most unfortunate past. His journey not only leads him to various places, it also slowly drives the feeling of guilt away from his mind.

The Civilized Races

Through the evolution of time, several races have achieved a civilized state of mind


Also known as "The Omni Race”, this is the first known civilized race, created by the Creator God in the first period of the world, known as “The Creation”. The amrakians were the perfect race, adept with the use of ki at birth and with an incredible insight ability. However, this race has been declared extinct already about 2000 years prior to the time line of the story, in the period known as “The Time of Trapped Peace”. Almost all of the civilized race are descendants of this race, downgraded versions of this race, which is said to have looked pretty much like the humans of today. The races descending from the amrakians are as follows: Humans, hedrils, lycanthropes, regtra and assumingly also the wuggatong. It is a mystery if the valfin race are descendants of the amrakians too. Much is still unknown about the influence which the amrakians have had on the present races, descending from them. Rumours have it, that a few amrakians still live in the present time.


The humans are the most widespread race among the civilized races. Most highly populated cities are grounded and created by humans. In comparison to the other civilized races, the humans are particularly more attracted to the desire of greed, materialism and selfishness in general. Either way, humans are humans and that is that.


A humanoid race, with noticeable features of birds. The legend of harpies was created by the humans after seeing this race and not knowing what it was. After the valfin, the hedrils were second last race to confront the humans. This is both because of the location where the hedrils live, namely mountains and other extreme high places and because they normally are very shy or at least confrontation shy, when it comes to non-hedrils. Hedril are slightly more slender than the average human and instead of hair, hedrils have long and thin feathers these places. But most importantly of all is the hedrils ability to fly. The reason why hedrils are capable of this feat is that they can sprout wing from underneath their arms, made almost entirely of strong feathers.


These are the mystical creatures who are by some looked at as monsters, and by others worshiped like gods. Dragons are actually civilized beings, though they do rarely seek out humans or other civilized beings for the reasons of communication and the like. There exist two kinds of dragons: The “Dji” dragons and the “Eia” dragons. Some believe that these two species are destined enemies, even though experts say that this is just a common, but fake, rumour spread out by fanatics and know-it-alls. The two kinds are actually very different in both appearance and the way they fly. The Dji dragons have wings and kind of a reptilian and humanoid body, while the Eia dragons are shaped like serpents and don’t have wings, even though they can still fly. No one has yet been able to find out how Eia dragons fly and it is believed that there is some sort of magic involved.

For some reason, people have created the rumour that Dji dragons are evil and Eia dragons are good, basically because of their appearances. Both types of dragons are huge and can breathe fire. Because of their extreme intelligence, they can easily learn every language, while they also have a language of their own. Dji dragons speak Dji, while Eia dragons speak Ei.


Appearing mostly as tanned humans, regtras show their true nature when they get excited over something. Because when this happens, rills on their entire body (but mostly on their arms and beside their eyes) open up, exposing a significant white skin within them, which lights up according to the volume of their excitement, in a shimmering white colour. These rills then function in the way, that they inhale special airborne particles from the air, filtering anything else than these away. There system then mix these airborne particles (which primarily are just pure hydrogen), with the régtramors (special vitamins which are only organically created in the body of a regtra) in their body, creating a temporary drug through this chemical procedure.

The special organic drug, present in regtras only, is called Regtraca by the channellers who have examined it, though the regtras have a name of their own for it. They simply call it “Arx” (Adrenalin Rush eXtreme) or sometimes just “rage powder”. This drug affects the adrenalin in the body of the regtra immensely. Releasing an enormous amount of carbohydrates, that the body has in reserve, and pumping them into the muscles of the regtra. The amount of carbohydrates, which are stored in the body of a regtra, far exceeds that of a human bodies. Not only that, but the speed in which the carbohydrates are released in is tremendous.


Phana is the term of a half-element and half humanoid being. There are four different types of phanas, each having there own element to belong to. However, Jûhendal is only inhabited by three of these, being the earth, water and wind phana. Believed to be a race of the “three under god”, both others as well as the phana themselves see this as a wondrous thing. Therefore, most phanas are closely dedicated to the under god of their element, only the nature and therefore the specific element itself is located higher on the priority list of a phana.


A mysterious humanoid race, a bit bigger than humans with a special scale-looking pattern on their skin – Living on glorious pillars in the middle of the ocean – There are two varieties of valfin, though they both live with each other. The differences between the two varieties are, that one is a special cold blooded type, while the other is special warm blooded type. Then depending on the specific type, a valfin i capable of changing their body temperature towards their birth blood temperature – Their palms are especially sensitive towards this ability of changing temperature, even usable as an either extreme warm or extreme cold weapon.


Heavy and slow, but strong indeed, these words suit the wuggatong race very accurately. The wuggatong have a very special body structure. They are short and wide, they have long strong arms, long sharp nails and a thick tail with holes in it. They don’t move around a lot, mostly standing still and having their tail digging into the ground, so that it can suck minerals of the earth for them to consume. Their legs are short but thick and strong, holding their big body up, and the wuggatong’s nails are made out of some unique material, making them extremely tough and sharp! The wuggatong don’t speak very much and when they do, they have a weird and simple language which sounds like a baby trying to say something. Because the wuggatong aren’t very clever, they have difficulty in learning the simplest things. Their lack of mobility also results in many of them never leaving their home village. The wuggatong have very sharp nails and tough bodies, though the wuggatong are far from what could be called a hostile race.

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