Lyn Me 01

Performance in Jabba's Palace

Homeworld: Ryloth

Species: Twi'lek

Height: 1.6m

Measurements: 34C-24-34

Status: Dancer/Servant

As a child Lyn Me's planet was ravaged by slavers. Her own village was constantly under attack and many women and children had been stolen from their small settlement. Lyn would have probably have been taken as well if not for the interference of a lone mandalorain mercenary. Somehow the village elders were able to scrape up enough money to hire the greatest bounty hunter of the time; Boba Fett. Fett quickly dispatched the slavers but during the battle the local school house was set ablaze with Lyn trapped inside. Fett saved her and from that day Lyn looked up to Fett as her hero and it was her life long ambition to one day thank him for saving her life.

Her entire life she trained to be dancer, hoping to become a professional entertainer and find work on Ryloth. Her chance came when Max Rebo, a blue Ortolan and leader of an band, offered her a job as dancer and back-up singer for his band. She took the job and was pleased to hear that the band had signed a contract to perform at Jabba the Hutt's palace were Lyn had heard that Boba Fett made frequent visits. Though she did finally get to perform for her hero she was disgusted by the scum of the palace she also had to enteratin.She was rarely allowed to leave the palace and she was barely paid anything. She was given a room of her own and food to eat but she was given no credits for her skills. She was forced to whore her body in order to make money to survive.

She hated being treated as a common stripper and was preparing to leave the band when Boba finally approached after a show and complimented her on her performance. Lyn Me was surprised and honored to be given such a compliment by her child hood hero. Fett promised to meat with her later but their plans were interrupted by the arrival of Luke and his band of rebels. Lyn was forced to stay behind as Jabba took his victims to the Pit of Carkoon to have them executed. Soon she heard about the destruction of the sail barge and Jabba's death as well as the demise of her beloved. She was shocked but had no time to morn because as the news of Jabba's death reached the palace it erupted into chaos. The scum quickly began looting the palace of everything and anything taking money, valuables, and even slaves in the resulting confusion. During the chaotic looting Lyn was able to lock herself away in her room. Unfortunately however Fortuna, Jabba's Major Domo, had survived the battle in the dune sea, and saw her leave. Fortuna had always lusted after Lyn but she had starchly refused him even going so far to laugh in his face when he offered to pay her for her "services". Now Fortuna taking the few loyal guards left and went to her room, using the override code for her door to break in and capture her forcing her into his speeder and left the palace after he had finished looting the palace. Fortuna than fled with Lyn to Ryloth were he began his own criminal slave trade, keeping Lyn as his personal slave. From that point on no one knows what happened to Lyn Me but it is known that she remained a slave for the rest of her short life.

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