Lyonesse was settled by humans representing the United Republic of Earth in year 621 N.E. It later became a religious battleground between zealots belonging to the United God Movement and the local Greater Vehicle sect of the Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun, the latter brought by Horsehead missionaries from the Horsehead Empire. Lyonesse and it's local solar system over the centuries suffered from armed raids by the Mantis Lords and some of the more rogue Arvi space nomads. The original natives of the planet included local humans, one of the variant human races found in the Known Universe, dog-like Keiki, and green-skinned Vilaki. The human natives and the Vilaki clashed before contact with the United Republic had religious clashes over whether to worship the Greart Spirit traditionally believed in by Vilaki or worship the Progenitors as gods, though many Vilaki on Lyonesse often worshipped the Progenitors as lesser deities subordinate to the Great Spirit. Lyonesse also saw some of it's "normal" humans involved in human-supremacist movements. Local government has always been vested in the Planetary Assembly, which is democratically elected every seven years and meets in the planetary capital city of Corozon, which is on the planet's northern continent. Lyonesse on average has cooler weather than Earth. During the time of the Jumpweb of the New Universe, many citizens of Lyonesse enthusiastically converted to the Church of the True God of the Unconquered Sun. The local branch of the United God Movement in the New Universe by and large combined with the local human supremacists, which somewhat discredited it. When it comes to United Republic of Earth poltical parties, the people of Lyonesse favor the Interplanetary Conservative Union, the Social Democratic Party of the United Republic, the United Party of God, and the Galactic Populist League in elections to both the Planetary Assembly and the United Republic's Senate. The United Progressive Party has very little support on this planet, unlike most places in the United Republic of Earth.

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