Paragons vs. previous M&M characters

Paragons tries to take a more realistic view of the influence of superpowers on the world. In genre terms, Paragons could be better described as paranormal as opposed to superhero. Whereas a roleplaying game often has combat as a primary focus of character creation, Paragons tends to focus on exploitation of superpowers in an almost capitalistic way (even combat powers). Take the following power:

Enhanced feat (Attractive) 1 (Extra: Affects others only)

This power allows the Paragon to bestow the Attractive feat on anyone. Enhanced (trait) is already Continuous in duration. This power costs one power point. Now, imagine the effect that this would have on all cosmetic plastic surgeons.[1] They would be out of business.

There is a negative side to this. There would be a great clamor for the Paragon's services. This would be similar for a healer.[2]

Finally, the superpowers of Paragons tend to lean towards novel ways of using (via extras, flaws[3], and power feats) powers. These can still be effective in the roleplaying game sense (combat/conflict), just not the brute force approach of pure combat powers.


Create the pre-Breakout character

  • This should be a PL3 character using no more than 50pp. This is a "normal" person and should have no "extraordinary" abilities.

The character's Breakout, create the Paragon

  • This is the full power incarnation of the character. These characters would be of the campaign's PL and have the resulting PP (i.e. PL 8/120pp; PL10/150pp; PL12/180pp).

Paranormal origins

While the origins of paranormal powers in Paragons can be somewhat fluid and unknown, the idea is to try to keep the origins of power as similar as possible. This is subject to change, but they will be a hybrid of multiple origins. For the sake of character creation assume that the origins are the whole of the Genetics heading and the Sleight of Mind sub-heading of the Psionics heading.


  1. Note: not reconstructive plastic surgeons so much
  2. This is a theme explored with one of NPCs (named Panacea) from the Paragons book (and a point I have made for a long time about the impracticality of clerics in D&D)
  3. Flaws, along with drawbacks, seem to the best job of making powers more novel

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