Factions in a Paragons series differ somewhat from those in the more four-color environment of Freedom City or most generic M&M games. While Paragons has its share of law enforcement and criminal[1] factions, most factions are in keeping with the spirit of Paragons. That spirit being how the breakout of superpowers would effect real-world organizations. A brief explanation of various factions follows:


Paranormal Studies Institute

The Tribe

  • Internet and computer hacking faction

The Pantheon

  • This faction believes that all paranormals are (to one degree or another) literal gods.
  • They have set up a hotline and website for the "faithful" to submit prayers. For a price the prayers are answered.

The Rosemont Center

Church of Jesus Christ, Paragon

  • This faction looks at what might happen if an Archbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church (in New York) broke out with parnormal powers. The interpretation is that the revelation of the breakout would have him re-examining his theology.
  • This re-examination leads to a belief that Jesus was the first and greatest of all Paragons. This doesn't go over very-well with the main church, so the group splinters off.
  • In many ways, the factions primary purpose is to give a campaign a means to examine the metaphysical questions that might lie behind paranormal powers

The Seven Thunders

  • This faction takes a diametrically opposite view to the nature of paranormal powers from that of CoJC, P.
  • It takes the trend in whacky, fundamentalist, evangelical, dominionist, U.S. Christianity and their apocalyptic Book of Revelation is the a-number-1 vision and throw it into a world with parnormal powers.
  • I'm pretty sure that you can see where this is going.

Paranormal Regulatory Agency

  • Fairly typical U.S. government regulation and registration-type agency.


Paranormal Professionals Society

  • Just as textile or computer companies would industry groups to promote common interests, the PPS is the same for paranormals.


The Initiative


  1. More mafia and less supervillainy

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